I'll come back for my suitcases this afternoon.

Tommy danced.


Ti and Lester look very happy together.

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Did Kari say that I said that?


I'm glad you could come to the party.


I'm Boyd's roommate.

I wish I could sing like Leila.

In any case, it's troublesome, isn't it?

Butler boiled some water.

I cannot get along with him.

Damon didn't marry the girl his parents wanted him to.

Don't take anything for granted.


Please take my advice.


Marco thinks he writes well.

I spoke from the heart.

I got him to help me when I moved the furniture.

Have they responded?

Let me tell you what happened to me last night.

It's almost six o'clock.

Fruits tend to decay soon.

I forgot what the exact price was, but it was about 170 dollars.

I'd like to believe that Nick told us the truth.


This is my mother. Her name is Beatrice.

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Suffering many hardships and overcoming many trials to come to a certain point will test one's strength of will.


She wept when she heard the terrible news.

I have to tighten these bolts.

You were washed.

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You are my prisoner.

I took him out to dinner in return for his help.

The sun is going down.

My friend wants milk.

Have you considered amputation?

It was evening and already dark but I saw a cat walking along a telephone wire. Can they do that, cats?

I want to know your opinion.

It must've happened that way.

The valuables are in the safekeeping of the bank.

Her husband asked her to throw that old hat away.

Men usually hang all things on the floor.


I'm not strong enough.

I've never seen anyone look so angry like that in my life.

Do you have a red pencil?


A new means of communication was developed ???the railway.

Manjeri is an old acquaintance of the family.

Shean's mailbox is full of postcards.

The big ship rammed a fishing boat.

Do you think real neurotics really go and call themselves such?


I do appreciate that.

Izumi has gotten so much better.

She was a perfectly self-possessed child.

We had to let Terry go.

Did you get wind of his visit?

What countries formed the Axis Powers in World War II?

Why is he cheating on the test?


The police think that Meeks's hammer was the murder weapon.


Kylo is going to be here any minute now.

He's working in a troupe right now.

It's getting cloudy. It may rain soon.

I'm not ready yet.

You have to fulfil his duties.

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Is it true that Rajesh was in Boston last week?

Can I ask you where you got this?

Marian is shocked.

How was last night's party?

Jeannette is wrong about that.

All the parking lots were full.

We thought you'd already gone to Boston.

It was worth it in the end.

Murat had two choices.

Do you want to try it again?

I heard Saiid talking on the phone in French.


My best friend is called Dominga.

You can meet Damone there.

We cannot follow your plan any longer.

You're a true hero.

Don't forget your bathing suit.

What he said could possibly be true.

Marcos comes from another dimension.

Billie had a copy made of his house key.

There was peace all over the world.

Yes, you need glasses.

He seems to have a fat purse.


There are still people who cannot read.

Mother yanked the bedclothes off Hiroshi.

Meg has a cat as a pet.


Clyde wanted to dance with Jin.


Nichael is extremely patient.

Is it still worth it?

Hens don't fly over walls.


Bonnie may have lost his way.


Would you please tell her to give me a call later on?

Have you finished already?

I don't know exactly yet.

In brief, he was careless.

We must always be ready.

Do you like juice?

"Do you know the country code for Lebanon?" Dima asked.


Ro is unattractive.

Let's just enjoy this peace and quiet.

We just want you back.

Hsi's my niece.

Harris helped Louise with her work.


Get away from me!

I thought about that all day today.

I hope nothing goes wrong.


You just like watching TV, so you think that what I do in my spare time is so intense.


I wish I had studied harder in my youth.

Why do men always seem to have affairs with their secretaries?

What a big dog!


You're average students.


I don't like you going out with my daughter.

There is only one religion, though there are a hundred versions of it.

She wrote a new book.

The pasta here's pretty good. And the pizza too.

The bank avoided taking any decision.

I like your article.

Should gay marriage be legal?


This doesn't make sense.


Norbert and Christofer hated each other.

Jim drove too fast, which was reckless.

The children have gone to school already.

Shankar is conceited, isn't he?

We have to stick together.

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I hope that this isn't a mistake.

She took a taxi to the museum.

You will be rewarded handsomely.

Can you believe Jinchao is still only thirteen?

His command of English is on a par with mine.

You should have kept your mouth shut.

Don't judge people from the way they look.


The snow will melt when the sun comes out.

Edgar isn't at all happy about that.

I think Nicholas looks a lot like John.


I have no idea what'll happen.

What a good scholar the author must be to write such a splendid book!

Ross sat in his beanbag chair.

As time goes on, grief fades away.

Werner might prefer to stay at home.

It was quiet.

Flash photography is not permitted beyond this point.

Saqib had plenty of questions.

War's not pretty.

If I could pay attention, I wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.

I am hating this weather!

I really don't understand this problem.

This might hurt.


Are you still angry at me?


Srinivas understood why Tony was angry.

All visitors are welcome.

I can write programs in Visual Basic.

He has done many things for poor people.

His salary is double what it was seven years ago.

Sumitro went to shop with Cory.

I finished the job on my own.

It looks like Louie has given up.

"That's why I've come later." "I see"


Patricia and Sumitro walked side by side.

Didn't you visit the park?

He was raised in the United States, but his native language is Japanese.


A whistle blew, and the boat slowly began to pull out of port.

No one's seen you in a while.

Is it okay if I take a break?

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Were you really home schooled?