I don't want to discuss this further.

Benson is well dressed.

What number bus do I take?

Juliet turned on the gas.

I want you to go to Osaka at once.

Maybe you'd better have a talk with Tandy.


We loved you.

We're heading out.

And he chased the cattle, the sheep, and the people out of the temple.

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I intend him to help me with my homework.

Are you and your sister close?

He could swim free in the lake.

It has become quite autumnal.

Jean-Pierre doesn't seem to have heard Holly.

I haven't been lucky in this town.

My older sister was grounded for coming home too late last night.


The sailors were at the mercy of the weather.

It takes a lot of time to get used to married life.

Do you participate in the marathon?

Idle hands are the Internet's workshop.

How much time do you actually spend thinking about the future?

Help yourself to the salad.

Ragnar should ask Jackye for advice.

You should have followed Corey's advice.

You're a menace.

They did not fulfill the conditions.

I understand you met with Shakil recently.


We just did our job.

This is just an idle threat.

I'm glad that your team won the game.

You need not stand up.

The girls arranged their party.


I hope you enjoy yourself this evening.


Tell me everything about you.

Tran shut off his computer.

The moment he saw me he ran away.

I don't see it that way.

I'm just waiting for her.

I've ordered you a beer.

I've narrowed it down to three different possibilities.

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Ji likes to keep busy.

If I were you I'd give him a hand.

I dislike coffee.

Boyd finished his homework, so he went to bed.

Kelly submitted his resignation.

It is said that truth always triumphs.

Have patience for another day or two.

My roommate, who can't hold his liquor, came home after the party and barfed all over my new shoes!

I want Jerome to be punished.

He eats, breathes and sleeps computers.

Do you know his email address?

It's a sequel.

Why did you tell me first?

Jarl told me he wouldn't be coming back.

He had no appetite because of the heat.


What are you doing up this late?

Mom spread the table.

I work here now.

She talked her into quitting her job.

The mystery still remains unsolved.


You're not the only Canadian here.

Aaron wears strange clothes; people often laugh at the way he dresses.

I don't like egotists.

Why is he touring again?

Sundaresan was dangerous.

She complained to me of his rudeness.

Jerome and I became friends.

I'm back! Oh? Have we got a guest?

Monica is hot.

Stephanie turned to Hartmann and smiled.

You and I should talk.

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You can see the whole city from here.

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I'm sure she'll like it.

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This is the storage room.

If you have any questions, just ask.

What do you usually do in your free time?


She left against her boss's wishes.

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Mix two parts of rum with one part of lemon juice.

Rainer is doing very well today.

The story appears true.

Never turn your back on her.

I'd never tell Bret to do that.


Mott knows me well.


They said they're tired.


It makes me sad.


Heather insisted on going.

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I've got reservations for lunch.

I do not like the house.

I advised him to give up smoking, but he would not listen to me.

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The country is in a bad economic state.

I've married and I realize, that my childhood ends now.

You are incredibly naive!

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You know I'm not good with secrets.

Looks deceive.

I just saw Old three hours ago.


He leaned over her and said, "No, I'm not lying."

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She has a comfortable income to live on.


Did Sanjeev say where he went for his summer vacation?

His body was shaking in anger.

They have given an answer to every question.

You must cut down on extra expenses in order to live within your means.

I'd like to pay.


I'm thinking about putting my house up for sale.

He'll be busy tomorrow.

He was big and slow and silent.

We'll move in.

She changed her hairstyle during summer vacation.


The trees will soon be bare.


Alvin put two sugar cubes in his tea.

Put the flour on the shelf.

Not only he but also I am to go.

I happened upon her.

What was her name?


There's people complaining of everything.

I know what I told them.

Murthy declined to give details.

I'm not angry.

He will have no choice but to accept.

There are many parks in our town.

Douglas eventually agreed to speak with Lincoln.

It's extremely important to explain the danger.

They are proud of their clever son.

She thought that our watches were the same.

I'd like to spend more time with my family.


All my friends like him.


I'm dying to see you tonight in any event. Please come over by seven.

I'm on the phone with him now.

As a dad, it's kind of exciting to see that your son follows what you believe in so strongly.


See me in my office.

He will reconcile their dispute.

Isn't that good enough?


I don't like to be hugged.

That's the first time that's happened.

Can you think of anyone who would want to rent my extra room?

I couldn't find my big blue dictionary. Where did you hide it?

Why didn't you go home?

Children always find a reason to make friends.

In addition many groups have been formed so that the elderly can socialize with one another and remain active participants in American life.

I've been dreaming about Gigi.

Yay! I'm happy that it's an apple that I'm eating!

Teachers help to form the minds of children.

He made fun of our ignorance.

How did you come to know that gentleman?

She is quite at home in English.

My savings are so small that they won't last much longer.

We're not here to buy anything.

You bought a lot of jewels.

An effective writer is one who knows what sort of words should be employed in any specific context.


Marilyn is the only one who knows for sure.

No two men are of a mind.

That girl is Icelandic, but now she lives in the United States.

Patrice is upset right now.

She doesn't like soccer.


Are you satisfied with your daily life?

Do you still collect stamps?

It was really nice.

After the death of her parents, her grandparents took to her education.

Amedeo demanded a refund.

Don't go in.

He stole a kiss from her.


Sonny is doing a crossword puzzle.

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He has a low libido.

Maybe we should go bowling.

I suggest you buy it.