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At Manufacturing X S we are commited to connecting buyers and sellers of excess materials and finished goods. We realize it is difficult to find or get a fair price for goods when there are third parties involved in the process. Manufacturing X S is the best option to meeting your buying and selling needs of excess materials and finished goods. View and buy items for Free! Or list as many of your excess items as you need, for just $18.95 per month. This little investment will get your money off the shelves and Keep Your Money In Motion.

Manufacturing X S is also a great place to list your services and find those experts your looking for to help you succeed.

First 50 new members 1 Year Free! No Credit Card needed. After the elapsed time, you can continue your membership for only $18.95 per month. We’re confident you will want to remain a member. After 1 Year, just enter your credit card information. The process is simple. Become a member and post your item(s). Both members and non-members coming to (720) 469-4970 can search for your items and contact you!

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  • Sell good and materials directly to the companies that use them.
  • Purchase discounted excess materials.
  • List your services where companies can easily search them.
  • Find the right manufacturer or mentor for your project.
  • Get connected to those that will assist you in your vision.


  • Buy or Sell unwanted materials, scrap, equipment & finished goods.
  • Buy materials at a discounted rate.
  • List your services where companies can easily search them.
  • Get that money off the storage shelves and back where it's needed.
  • Put storage space back to positive use.
  • Advertise directly to those using your services or goods.
  • Get connected with new customers.
  • Efficiently reduce excess inventory.
  • Search for additional vendors.


  • Your company is listed as a "Preferred Company".
  • When a customer selects an item, those logistics companies that service that location will appear when a ship to location is selected.

Benefits of Membership

  • MANUFACTURING X S will benefit any industry that has accumulated excess materials, finished goods or equipment.
  • MANUFACTURING X S was created by individuals that recognized a need for a quick and easy solution to reclaiming monies tied up in unused materials, finished goods, equipment and scraps.
  • Manufacturing X S is a direct buying & selling website. Members see your listing and contact you directly.
  • This is a great value for what Manufacturing X S will offer your company.
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