jeff nettleton

full stack. data. visualizations.

I'm Jeff Nettleton — a programmer, a coder, a tinkerer, and one incredibly interested person. I live in San Francisco , although I hail from southern California. I am a voracious reader, and greatly enjoy reading books about history, human interaction, and programming. I am a big proponent of educating oneself endlessly, and doing things that help me learn. I write code that does neat (at least to me) stuff, like taking a lot of data and turning it into a beautiful, functional visualization, or re-thinking the way that public records access can be used to bring about positive change. My passion lies at the intersection of technology and public policy. I also love cooking, playing soccer, and walking while musing.

Early in my programming career, I worked with a great deal of C, C++, and C# writing low-level systems applications, such as integrating sensor devices with a data collection and reporting suite. In the last few years, however, I have begun writing quite a bit more frequently in Python, not only as a great language for data analysis and processing, but also as a web service and application backend language, complemented by Javascript and HTML5/CSS3 on the frontend. I've also taken a recent liking to the Rust programming language, which I find fascinating and has gotten me to think differently about architecture and systems design. If I had to pick a current favorite full-service web stack, it would be Flask (Python 3) and PostgreSQL on the server, with React on the client side. I have a great time leveraging D3.js for data visualizations of many kinds. Although I've worked on Windows both professionally and personally for many years, I much prefer working in the *nix style environments, with Arch Linux being my favorite. I code in ViM.

email jeffdn (at) [that mail service google provides] dot com
github 325-220-6642
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