All-Weather Exhaust Caps

Industrial | Non-Sparking | Cast Aluminum

All Weather, Non sparking Exhaust Cap
Rain Caps Non-sparking, Cast Aluminum Exhaust Covers:

  • Non-Sparking Cast Aluminum, ideal for gas pipeline applications. Unique Brass Bushing, Featuring a Rust Free Stainless Steel Pivot.

  • “No-Rust” rain caps are guaranteed never to rust open, or shut. Designed to Save Money

  • “No-Rust” rain caps give positive protection to your Diesel / LP / Gas engines.

  • “No-Rust” All-Weather Rain caps are designed to be fully automatic. Open when the engine starts – close when the engine stops.

  • Prolong the life of your engines by keeping rain, sleet, snow, dust, and dirt out of your exhaust system.
  • All Weather Industrial Rain Caps