Andorra la Vella is the capital of Andorra.

May I suggest another idea?

There are more than 4000 languages in the world.

I believe in perfection, based on Plato.

I can't do it today.

I used to play the guitar fairly well.

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I'm planning to buy a mobile phone tomorrow.

This plan is good in some ways.

What really happened to her?

I don't like it when he does that.

What's your major, Casey?

Sherman's fast asleep on the cot.

He would have his say on the subject.

Maarten didn't want to be sent to jail.

I had a grand opening for the hospital last month.

We've done what we could.

He looks like a millionaire.

I am looking forward to visiting Britain once again.

That's a copy.


Rayan sure doesn't seem very worried about what might happen.


Do what Susumu tells you to do.

Help is already on the way.

Gold prices are skyrocketing in the wake of financial instability.

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Do you think she still reads my messages?

I blame Clarence.

He talks big but he's never done half the things that he said he has.


That train stops at every station.

When he was faced with the evidence, he had to admit that he was guilty.

"Dostoyevsky is dead." "I object! Dostoyevsky's immortal!"

She could not get over her husband's death.

Herbert was an unathletic child.


That's very civil of you.

I like contact sports.

The branch bent but did not break.

Why did you bring it?

Kanthan didn't tell everyone.


I didn't expect these results.


The main streets of many villages have in fact been abandoned. The main reason is the advance of big stores like Wal-Mart.

I have to stay in bed all day.

I think Leith hates waiting for me.


No one here can swim.


I warned him many times, but he won't stop talking.

Last night I blew chunks.

The girl in the picture has a flower wreath on her head, and not a golden crown.

I think you must be sleepy.

Philip is prettier than you.

There are three printing presses in the workshop.

Glad I am to be working with you.


I don't doubt that one bit.

I find his every word truly offensive.

Can I have a moment with him?


Oskar heard someone whistling outside.

We need Jerome's strength now.

The company is equally owned by the two groups.


She's a healthy chiropractor: she feels good; and with her trained hands, she feels well, too.


Look for the key to this trunk, Anne.


Jamie couldn't understand.

Now then, let's get this problem cleared up.

Who started the fight?

Pat died a few years later.

Can I leave my bags with you until I come to check in?


You're the strange one.

Hank is a very good actor.

We dine out once a week.

Blayne asked Margot to tell him why she was leaving him.

We had a good many anxious moments, but everything turned out all right in the end.

They are well looked after.

The kids fought each other, so that parents had to intervene.


It's nothing that I can't cope with.

She did not succeed, but after all that was her first attempt.

In New York there are a lot of Japanese restaurants.

But he was excited too.

I have the minutes of the meeting.

I cry every time I listen to this song.

Nobody wants to forget my country.


Cindy was in charge.


Everyone is staring at Himawan.

I need to go milk the cows.

I heard someone say Saul was sick.

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I just want you to know that I'm here for you.

Don't cross the street!

Kolkka walked to the end of the pier.

Ill-gotten gains are short-lived. The only way to make real money is to earn every penny.

General John Pope made a terrible mistake.

Nothing bothers them.

He and his companion asked me to come along with them.

Are you sure nothing's wrong?

There's an easier way to do it.


It was no problem.

Laura is still as beautiful as she was when she was a teenager.

According to the paper, there was an earthquake in Mexico.


We will probably all be dead within 50 years.

What seems to be the problems today?

She looked for her ring with her eyes wide open.

May I go to bed?

I only hear you complain! Perhaps you can't do anything else?

The Smiths are our cousins.

We asked for a meeting.

Jeannie bought Russell a nice Christmas present.

We've never talked about it.


"How much do you have on you now?" "Sorry, I didn't bring my wallet."


He grabbed the chance to get a job.


Rich foods don't agree with my health.

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When he saw her letter, he felt somewhat uneasy.

Running as fast as I could, I was able to catch up with my friend.

Are you good at math?


There was a photograph of Malus hanging on the wall.

It is not easy to understand why you want to leave.

Everytime her husband looked at me, he almost asked me: "For what purpose have you come here?"


Tell her your theory.


She broke the window on purpose.

How much do you want for all this stuff?

Charles and I want you to come with us.

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You're under arrest!

It's all total nonsense.

Are you watching me now?


This is the way to do it.

It could save your life.

I'll call Eddie myself.

I don't want to forget this moment.

How long would you say they've been there, Helge?

You are young. I, on the contrary, am very old.

We laughed and laughed.


Recent investigations have demonstrated that the application of Emmet's theory is not always without defects.


He held a ball.


If you didn't hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes, don't invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth.

Can the star be seen tomorrow night?

This general rule refers only to children.


Lonesome George was the last giant tortoise of his kind.

Caleb doesn't have to be here tomorrow.

I've just turned 20.

Suwandi is quite untrustworthy.

I could show you how this works.


I can't really put a price on that.


You ride a bike and climb a ladder. But what do you do with a hula hoop?

Get out of here before I call the cops.

The gap was bigger than I expected.


I have three times as much money as you.

I know what you were hoping for.

Are you sure you don't want me to go to Boston with you?


He did not relish this simple family life.

That's quite meaningless.

He accused us of wronging him.

I know where we can get one.

I cannot express enough the importance of grammatical accuracy.

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The Puya Raimondi has a beautiful inflorescence.

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She failed in her attempt to swim the Channel.

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If you must kill, kill an elephant and if you must rob, rob a treasury.


It is worthwhile considering what it is that makes people happy.


There are students in the library.


Mother was very busy most of the time.

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I told myself that that was a good idea.

People here are very prejudiced.

In order to improve your language skills, try to find books written in the language you are learning.