That hotel serves good plain food.

The vise is closing again.


Are you going to meet Jane tonight?

When is your next show?

He does not come here every day.

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The wind may change direction.


When was the last time you made up?

I do feel on the mend.

What did the dog say to the other?


These students don't want to learn. They just want to enjoy themselves.


How could it happen all by itself? It seems someone's wicked design is involved here.

How many things did you buy?

How do I make you go away?


Oh, no! My house is on fire!

Can you drive a manual transmission?

He is a real gentleman.


Maybe some examples will help?

Jane makes the utmost effort to win.

I don't know yet, but I'll find out soon enough.

I haven't been much of a role model.

Thomas lives in France but works in Belgium.

I wonder where that came from.

I used to be a cat lover.

I really shouldn't be here.

She asked me if I wasn't feeling well.

Do you have the conscience to do such a thing?

On Lori's birthday, Casey baked him a cake with 'I like stoats' written on it in Gothic script.

I returned home from Boston yesterday.

Mom, I want you to braid my hair.

Polly did it last year.

There's a difference.

As far as I can remember, it was three years ago that we last met.

He lives in the house the red roof of which you see over there.

Now you have an opportunity to do it.

Cris opened the blinds and looked out the window.

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Calm down.

It's time for something to eat.

It's been a while.

This river is not polluted.

Yvonne thought the teacher had given him way too much homework to finish in one day.

This school is ours.

I'm actually doing quite well.

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I don't have enough money to buy the latest smartphone.

Leung placed some cups of tea on the table.

Can I take a look around?

Lloyd doesn't care about what Francis says about him.

My husband thinks I spend too much money.


That is an epic novel.

We are doubtful about the train leaving on time.

Shutoku should be able to get it done.

What film did ye see?

We aren't disappointed.


I remember this word.

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That was what Ronni told Spike.

We had one chance.

I'd like to go home now.

I'll carry this.

I got him to help.


Someone needs to talk to Josh about what happened.

Thank you for the generous invitation but we don't want to wear out our welcome.

Owing to the snow, the train was delayed.

Don't rely on others.

Shankar and Hartmann are longtime residents of Boston.

Gordon has never trusted me.

Jurevis doesn't like cats and Valeria doesn't either.

The sisters lived to be 100 years old.

San Francisco is only one-tenth as populous as New York.

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They will have arrived there before you start.

What do women want?

I want to gain time.

I'll ask around and see if anyone I know has a room you can rent.

Can you believe it? We're in China!

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Merril is almost as tall as his father.

The men will be happy if they get anything back.

Do you want to go out or stay at home? Either is OK with me.

It was obvious that they had told a lie.

Amedeo was killed in an accident.

She uses different aspects of Scottish dialects.

Jeanette has signed a new contract.

His stupid answer surprised everybody.

How many aircrafts can an aircraft carrier hold?

Do you really believe that this guy is a magician?

She plays soccer.

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I doubt if Rajiv is single.


Not that he couldn't, but he's too lazy one man.


Why are Japanese so prejudiced against lesbians and bisexuals?

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Let's grab something to eat.

It looks like we have everything.

While in jail, Dan procured all sorts of cutting objects for fellow inmates.


My older brother goes fishing every weekend.

Val feels responsible for what happened.

Everything moves fast in this city.


One should bear in mind that time is money.


I sure could use a cold beer.


If you run into trouble, I'll help, and so will my father.

I can't do that, sir.

Do you want to meet tomorrow?

Who wants to buy a motorcycle with squeaky brakes?

We're going to miss doing this.

I thought you liked romance novels.

You may not learn to speak as well as a native speaker, but you should be able to speak well enough that native speakers will understand what you have to say.

Suzanne shouldn't spend so much.

He left the house at eight o'clock.

We need twenty eggs all told.

Let's compromise.

I'm sorry you're leaving us.

Socorrito ate an early supper.


You smile.

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I'm sorry, but I'm going home.


To my sister Maya, my sister Alma, all my other brothers and sisters, thank you so much for all the support that you've given me.

His mother felt ashamed for him.

Didn't you see Vice at the party?

I haven't spoken with him since the incident.

How many are you? We are three.


We are glad to have you in our class.


You can use this phone.


Ravindranath's house is near the beach.


Tharen didn't offer to drive Joe home.

He's a funny guy.

It will soon be dark.

What do they do?

Where's my towel?


You've got to get out of here while you've still got a chance.


Hey, don't worry about it, Roberto.

He built a kind of house using branches.

Why were you arrested?


Professor, what do you think of the situation in the Middle East?


The ancient Gnostics believed that this material world was inherently evil.


It's at that counter.

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He said that real hope sprang from the probability that there is life elsewhere in the universe.

He cut off a branch from the tree.

I have a part-time job.

What'll you do next?

I kept asking myself why I'm doing this.

I thought you'd agree with me.

Louis asked Pedro to return the money that he had lent her.

I used to live close to Sassan.

Tracey lost his job recently.

This bus can hold fifty people.

Somebody left his umbrella behind.

Your ideas are always appreciated.

Education is a gateway to success.


Do you want to go see a movie or something?

Could you make an exception?

The land was divided into 8 lots.

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I am a Democrat.

Will you go somewhere this summer?

They could be listening.

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I'll know the answer to that in three months.


A quiet place to sit and rest would be nice.

Dinosaurs are now extinct.

It can be told in a few words.

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Isn't that kind of dangerous?

Tell him that I want to see the telegram that he sent.

I wanna come back to Lucca.


Visit the Luxembourg Gardens!

Does he like China?

You're making a really big mistake.