This house belongs to Wilson.

The man in the pick-up truck fit Dan's description.

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We should try to understand one another.

I've fallen in love with somebody else.

Shannon only did half of his homework.

I don't want you to make the same mistake I made.

I was never involved with Kristian.

She sent me a text message.

Clay got locked out of his dormitory.

I hope Wayne does well.

Take whichever you like best.


I left a message for them.

My present is better!

He told his sons to help each other after his death.

She was just kidding.

Sedovic! Can I get some privacy?

He is good at cooking.

I didn't even know that you knew how to speak French.

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He feels a lot better today.

We've got to stay alert.

They didn't say a word to each other for the rest of the school year.

I read a lot of modern authors.

Kris is my mother.

The murmur of the brook lulls me to sleep.

The artist's drawing was drawn with charcoal.

We are going to have a meeting here tomorrow.

If you have gum in your mouth, spit it out.


Thanks for letting me stay at your place.


Sriram has been warned several times.

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I don't know when Gretchen was born.

Look, I really like you.

He's intelligent and good-looking.

That would've been a good start.

The suit's made of very rough material.

We heard coughing.

Dan was too young to go to the park alone.

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We feed our dog three times a day.

I'm sorry I asked.

The idiosyncratic watch smith watched me from behind the window.

Susanne wants me to go to Boston with him.

The true purpose of education is to prepare young men and women for effective citizenship in a free form of government.

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There's plenty left.


The merchant sent the politician a bribe.

Somebody ought to talk to Huashi.

Corey is paying a fine.

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What you said yesterday was true.


I'm trying my best to finish this report on time.

No worries, I'm sure it will be a perfect fit for you!

I've heard of them.

I am a foreigner here.

There have been a lot of complaints about your behavior.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, they went through the contract again.

This park is at its best in spring.

Janet is reading a magazine.

I was waiting all alone.


Women's rights groups are going after sexual harassment.

Kimberly really drinks too much.

This small wound will heal itself.

When are you going to get back from Boston?

I can't move.

Don't talk to anybody about this.

I never bet on horse races.

Japan seceded from the League of Nations in 1933.

You have the advantage of me.

I'm getting out of here.

I don't want anybody writing about me.


I've always wanted to try it.

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Your anger is completely justified.

How did you get her to laugh?

Our boss doesn't tolerate being contradicted.


We spent a quiet day in the country.

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I know what you all are thinking.

Arthur wanted a pedicure.

Torsten put on his coat.


Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.


The United States has close ties to Mexico.

Craig was in a coma for three months.

It could be important.

Is it OK to talk to you first?

I am going to stay with my aunt in Kyoto.

Isn't that what you're trying to tell me?

Sanjay has already started.

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Thank you for the suggestion.


Every man for himself.


I like living with Tuna.


She had enough wisdom to refuse the offer.


I'd like you to take a look at something.

Homeschooling is growing in popularity.

Why worry about Adrian?


We dishonor the living and venerate the dead.

I don't believe half of what I've been told about you.

The sirens went off.

I'm sure that Sanity can do it.

Oscar asked me if I liked chocolate.


How about going on a picnic?

Matsutake mushrooms are in season now so they are cheap.

It is not until we lose our health that we recognise its blessing.


Let's do this!


Patricia threw a rock at one of my dogs.


Someone made a mistake.

It should be no problem.

I'm not presentable.


Sal only drinks that brand of beer.

There isn't anyone in this place.

She is engaged in writing letters.

That made her uncomfortable.

If you go to that supermarket, you can buy most things you use in your daily life.

I'll get off here.

I don't like this tie. Show me another one.

Japan knew it was winning the war.

His knowledge of Chinese enables us to carry out our plan smoothly.

I'll miss Brender, too.

Tammy slipped out of the classroom.

I take it you know her.

Hui isn't even breaking a sweat.


It'll take at least one more hour to finish writing this report.

You need a haircut, Torsten.

I thought you might want to know.

It is necessary that you see a doctor.

I'll buy Willie that pony he's always bugging me for.

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I don't have any clothes for when I go clothes shopping.

We've made many improvements.

Elsa began.

While walking down the street, I saw two white cats pissing near a car tire.

I forgot who I was dealing with.


Please look into this matter as soon as you can.


I reached the station at six.


"How do you have your coffee?" "White with two, thanks."

Anton wanted to know what Jong thought.

I happened across an old friend in the street.

Lewis and Clark kept very careful records.

The more you do now, the less you'll have to do tomorrow.

I'm afraid what you're asking me to do is out of the question.

Vincent has to learn Japanese because he's going to Japan next year.

The best lecture that you can attend is the one you won't understand.

Save them.

Birds sing.

This is so embarrassing.

Konstantinos is standing right next to John.

Mehrdad might have missed the train. He hasn't arrived yet.

We were on the same bus.

Tell Kristian I want to see him.

He worked at the cost of his own time.

Axel is old enough to be Tracey's grandfather.

Answer them.

Are humans like goldfish in a fishbowl?


She had a bad day at the office.

Why don't you go ahead?

After falling victim to clickbait, my computer caught a virus.


This land belongs to her.

I can't get work as a teacher.

I want the person who did this brought to justice.


Don't generalize about an entire group of people just because you had some bad experiences.

Are you coming to dinner?

Tomorrow, a meeting will be held.

We'll need to wait a couple of hours.

I don't know what we can do.

I never took drugs.

I baked some cookies for Sho.

Having a poor goal is better than lacking a goal.

Carole works as a bank clerk during the week and as a part-time lifeguard on weekends.

Yesterday we went to the cinema.

What do you grow on your farm?