• Gameband Diamond Edition Sold out
    Gameband Diamond Edition
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    Gameband + Minecraft
    Gameband + Minecraft
  • Minecraft minigame: The heist
    Minecraft minigame: The heist

    Do you have what it takes?

    Stealth, agility and patience are the skills you need to break into our offices, avoid the security cameras, evade the robots and find our most valuable object.

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Play anywhere

Play Minecraft™ on any Mac OS, Windows, and Linux-based computer.

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Never lose a World again!

Double safety: Minecraft™ Worlds are saved live on Gameband and backed up on our secure cloud-based servers.

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Gameband + Minecraft
Gameband + Minecraft

Hack your Band

Make Gameband yours! Create and share your own messages, images, and animations for the Gameband LED display.

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How Gameband Works

  • Plug Gameband into the USB port Plug Gameband into the USB port of your computer
  • Launch the Gameband App Launch the Gameband App and play Minecraft
  • Worlds Backups Quit & backup your Worlds to Gameband’s secure servers
  • Personalize your Gameband Personalize your Gameband with the PixelFurnace App
  • Take worlds anywhere Wear Gameband and take your Worlds anywhere you go!

PixelFurnace: A tool to customize Gameband & make it yours.

Create & share your own animations, images and text; or download content from other Gamebanders on the PixelFurnace website.

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Take a look inside: Supremely engineered. Durable and elegant.

Click through the heart and soul of Gameband. Luxury watch materials. Cutting edge technology. Super-fast speed.

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The band

TPU silicon material, durable, tough & long-lasting.


140 LED array that you can customize with time, text, pictures & animations.


USB3.0 connection for rapid play (fully compatible with USB2.0 ports), and ensures the fastest speed possible.


Stainless Steel, hand-painted. Redstone Ore.


MLC drive technology with 10x lifecycle of standard drives.


Double molded-control for you to click your way through your customized display.

Preloaded Content

  • gameband_preloaded_sethbling


    • 15Seconds 1.8
    • Blocks VS Zombies 1.7
    • PizzaSpleef 1.7
    • Redstone Challenge 1.4
    • Redstone Challenge 2 1.5
    • TheBuildingGame 1.8

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  • gameband_preloaded_dragnoz


    • The Dash of Doom 1.7
    • TRON Fire 1.7

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  • gameband_preloaded_hypixel


    • Herobrine’s Mansion 1.7
    • Wrath of the Fallen 1.7
    • Zombie Apocalypse 1.7

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