The functions sine and cosine take values between -1 and 1 (-1 and 1 included).

This could start a panic.

The princess did not like this at all, and one day she complained about it very bitterly to her nurse.

She behaves as if she had been brought up in a good family.

I've heard rumors about Dustin and Suwandi.


Never give out your password to anyone.

I'd really like to know why this keeps happening.

It's an inside job.

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I'm sorry. I take back my words.

Neptune is the eighth planet of the solar system.

We must always follow the rules.

She has an extraordinary ability in music.

Who's the party for?


I'm glad it makes you happy.

Did I not anticipate this?

How many people did you kill?

This train runs between Tokyo and Osaka.

I don't remember what Dalton said.

You need money.

Myron became rich overnight.

A design flaw made my computer crash.

It's a huge contract.


His conscience stung him.

There's a little problem with the car.

Jane was dressed as a man.

I don't want to forget Alvin's face.

She told us that the road was closed.

She receives lots of visitors.

I've been to Boston quite a few times.

He's built all his hopes on this book being published.

The old man leaned forward and asked his wife with a soft voice.

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As the house has a southern aspect, it is very sunny.

'Cromulent' is a perfectly cromulent word.

Some came by bus, and the others - by train.

Do you want to talk to someone?

Did Horst tell you how he and Think met?

Isn't that a little juvenile?

I have been instructed to take you to the airport.


What Jimmy doesn't know about cars isn't worth knowing.


Elaine specifically asked for you.

What makes you think I am God?

It was an amazing game.


Diplomats are allowed various privileges.


There shouldn't be any commas in this sentence.

Hirotoshi made a decision.

I'd like to withdraw money.


It sounds very good.


His humor is very dry.

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We're quite certain of that.


As I checked your delivery that I received, I found it included a T-shirt which I did not order.

I'm ready for the war.

Maurice came into the living room wearing a bathrobe.

Let's not talk about it anymore.

Who are you?

I'll be back tomorrow night.

We're never going to find him.


We've got to find her.

So many people are much older than you.

Stanislaw is hysterical.

She gave birth to her first child at twenty years old.

Bernard noticed Rajarshi's beautiful engagement ring.

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It's pretty ugly.

He is a mere nobody.

He will be punished.


Gilles is in love with me now.

I've got this thing pretty well figured out.

Both are great bands.

Where's your watch?

My view on this issue has changed.

I remember that night.

Go to sentence A and copy a chain link (right button >Copy URL). If there isn't a chain link, copy a scissor link. In the next step change /delete/ to /add/.

But Pepperberg says working with the parrot has already changed the way of looking at animals.

You should pay your debts.

I keep waking up in the middle of the night.

This is where we both belong.


Talented students come from far and wide to attend this school.


A goatherd drove his goats, all white with snow, into a deserted cave for shelter.

I can't believe you did this behind my back.

You blocked me on Facebook, and now you're going to die.

Neal seems to be sleeping.

Rand asked me not to tell anyone, so I didn't.


I don't want to be interrupted.

I do not feel sad.

I'm sorry to barge in like this.

This game is played differently in Australia.

He didn't say anything new.

The camera that you bought is better than mine.

Mason is worried about what Ramanan will do.

What's the saddest song in the world?

This really means a lot to me.

Are you sure we can count on Bradley?

Is Pratt adopted?

All these smells remind me of the Christmases of my childhood.

The trouble is that it costs too much.

The waiter filled our glasses to the brim.

I didn't enjoy every minute of the party.


I need to practice a little more.


She's a foreign exchange student.

This rule reads several ways.

He is really nice to me and I like him.

Would you like to go to a movie?

Don't be so mean to me.

Too bad you couldn't come to the party.

There is not enough tea.


There will be an answer.

There is a man in this room.

Angela is lying about that.

Can you please not do that?

Quick, let's get started on the project proposal while the idea is still fresh in our minds. There's no time like the present.

Tell Stephe that I'm not hungry.

We'll stop Tommy.

It's easy to translate "I am" into any language.

Here we are.

I heard you singing.

Clifford said he'd have to reschedule.

We have to take precautions.

Dan was arrested pretty often; more than five times, in fact.

In terms of the pay you will get, is this a good job?

We heard the bomb go off.

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We would die without air.

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It rained a lot last summer.


Dory still lives by himself.

I never plan anything.

Ahmet and I jog together.

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We don't even know where Manjeri is.

There seems to be little agreement as to how to preserve the evidence in such cases.

Why do humans fear monsters? They are the worst monsters in the world!


You weren't supposed to come today.


In many African countries south of the Sahara there is poverty.

Feeling tired after his walk in the country, he took a nap.

Lawrence pulled out his cell phone and made a call.

He leaned against the pillar and gazed at the Statue of Liberty.

Will you give me some time?


He remained abroad later on.


It is not the strong who win, but the winner who is strong.

Susumu says he's read this book three times.

Yesterday, there was a traffic accident in front of the house.


If you knew, you'd tell me, right?

Lum said he didn't think Mysore wanted to be on the basketball team.

You are out of danger.

I'm not too worried about Christofer.

He loved her.

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Rand put the list on the bulletin board.

I don't want to bore you.

He was easily influenced.

How long have you been studying Japanese?

He came into the room first.


Who gave you that package?

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Do you consider yourself a fluent French speaker?


That's what I was thinking.

I'm doing okay.

We shouldn't be together.


I decided to enter the room.


Russ's the same age as Robbin.

You're an idiot!

Afterwards when they went out there was not a soul on the sea-front. The town with its cypresses had quite a deathlike air, but the sea still broke noisily on the shore.

I want to know the reason.

Nobody defends my country.


Do you think this is crazy?

We have enough food now.

But it's wonderful!