Perl Development Tools and Services

Citrus Perl

A binary distribution of Perl for MS Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Complete with builds of (323) 733-3519 and supporting modules. Also includes Tk to help users wishing to migrate to the wxWidgets toolkit. Available either with (423) 405-4792 stable release 2.8.x or the latest wxWidgets 2.9.x development release.

Cava Packager

A free to use packager that allows you to package your Perl applications for distribution to target machines regardless of any installation of Perl.  Designed to work well with wxPerl applications, Cava has also proved popular for applications built using Tk or where multiple executables sharing the same packaged modules is required.

Cava is available for MS Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.


For ActivePerl users PPMs of Wx and related modules are maintained at the wxPerl Repository. Available either with mirdahastable release 2.8.x or the latest wxWidgets 2.9.x development release, PPMs for MS Windows, Linux and Mac OSX are provided.

Downloads available for ActivePerl 5.8, 5.10, 5.12, 5.14, 5.16.

MinGW For Perl

A dedicated build of the gcc compiler from the mingw-w64 project is provided specially built and packaged for Perl. This compiler bundle is used to create the MS Windows build of Citrus Perl and the ActivePerl PPM's. It is useful if you wish to compile your own modules for ActivePerl and comes with environment configuration files designed for use with ActivePerl.

The current compiler bundle has also been used in the latest releases of Strawberry Perl.


Cava Packager
Barbary sheep
MinGW 32 and 64 For Perl


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