Jagath couldn't decide exactly when he should go to Boston.

I want you to know that Blayne's important to me.

How did Eli survive?

In my bed by night I sought him whom my soul loveth.

When was the last time you and I saw each other?

There's nothing else left to be done.

That's not how I want to be remembered.

I've got no feeling in my left arm at all.

Marco and Skef talked quietly.

Granville noticed something was odd.

You can build anything with Legos.

A schedule is an identity card for time, but, if you don't have a schedule, the time isn't there.

The trade imbalance between two nations should be improved.

He visited Japan in the character of President.

I'd like to hear from you.

She said herself that she won't fall in love with anyone anymore.


I promise I won't be late again.

I know someone in Boston.

Annard and Neal shared the cost.

She is a doxy.

He doesn't work, but only thinks of sponging off his relatives.

You're pretty cool.

Put it in the file.

Tell Everett about your classes at Harvard.

Don't you think you're being a bit melodramatic?

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Holly isn't a baby anymore.

We'll have a great time.

You should have known better than to lend him money.

Somebody called the police.

Why did you attack Dominick?

I've been drinking too much coffee.

They not only washed off the sweat, dirt and cares of the day in the hot water, but also enjoyed gossiping about everyday affairs.

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Who was Queen Elizabeth?

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Where's your home?


I think Amedeo is thirty years old.


Pass the sugar, please.

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She takes pleasure in seeing horror films.

I want you to go back to Boston tomorrow.

Let's take the utmost caution against errors.

Where did she learn this?

This old French table is a very valuable piece of furniture.

Come fall asleep in my arms.

We own this property.

Maybe I've been misinformed.

I admire Jerry's dedication.

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Marcel doesn't think Liza will say yes.

Lin voted for himself.

That sea is called the Mediterranean Sea.

You have to believe us.

No one went to the station to see him off when he left for Tokyo.

Don't you still believe that?

You're grounded.

That's a no-brainer.

I have a full-length mirror in my bedroom.


Are you capable of swimming?

Fruit gives me gas.

I manage just fine.

Let's add ambiguous sentences more often.

Please, get in, sir.


I walk like a penguin.

Its mechanism will cease to work.

We didn't get dressed.

What are we celebrating?

Herbert has been listening.

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She called the pupils into the room.

Manavendra is hoping to get straight A's.

You believe her, don't you?

Major can't describe how painful it was.

It looks like you were right. Jean-Pierre was the guy who stole Emily's violin.

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Konstantinos and Henry didn't get along very well.

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It might take years.

I've never liked her.

Do you have another opinion?


Jinny teaches sport psychology.

She's not interested.

He is of average height.

Many children will be going from door to door saying "Trick or treat?" on Halloween night.

Sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you.

Vidhyanath was irresistible.

Travelling is a luxury I can't allow myself.

The girl he's speaking to is Nancy.

People here love you.

Precisely speaking, I need six hours to at least think straight. Additionally, I need seven hours to be happy.

Mitch hasn't seen Jon for months.


We can't rule out the possibility that it was an accident.

Ricky decided to postpone the meeting.

I want a cup of cold black tea.

Horst has gotten fat.

He is polite to a fault.

Matti isn't about to back down.

We aren't like that.

I met him.

We aren't very hungry yet.


Could you lend me some money? I just need three dollars.

When are you getting married?

It will soon be dark.


I'm sending her to California.


Could I have that crayon, please?

Who is your favorite author?

I take full responsibility.

Casey's handwriting isn't very good, but it's easy to read.

I'm sending someone to get you.

Dan was shot in the back of the head.

Irving said he needed to sort a few things out.


The teacher praised the boy for his honesty.


Too many books to read is a good thing.


You don't know what you are doing, do you?

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You said you'd talk to them.

I'm just being sarcastic, that's all.

Some of us plan to visit you in the near future.

The weather clearing up, he went out for a walk.

Do you know what they said?

We balloted for the resolution.

God makes you healthy, and the doctor gets the money.

Do you think Loren knows who we are?

Long hair is such a bother.

I don't want to see you down here again.

So why did you tell Pierette to do it?

The question now is who.

The trouble is that my watch gains three minutes a day.

One day, I'm going to marry him.

Thanks for staying with him.

The restaurant is not far from here.

Please wake me up at 6:30.

I was curious to know why Dory and Sanand broke up.

He has an interesting job, for which he has to work a lot.

Tim has been gone since I woke up.

If you eat three square meals a day, your body will have the energy it needs.

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I saw these people for years.

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The team left at eight.

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Japan is famous for her scenic beauty.

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He told him to study.

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Joon did a terrific job.

My mother and I are completely different.

I don't have any pens.

A sniper shot the lights out.

Randell reached down and scratched his ankle.

Over time, wooden doors can warp or swell, making the door difficult to close.

Rapunzel grew into the most beautiful child beneath the sun.

Mr Hawk is a kind gentleman.

Matt shoved Bobby out the door.

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I don't want to hurt her feelings.

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Ronni's grieving.

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I'm too tired to help.


Give it to me, please.

Tell her to call me.

I have a Japanese car.

He spoke to me in German.

I want you back here.


I can't talk to anyone else.

A truck was rushing along the road.

They say golf is like life, but don't believe them. Golf is more complicated than that.

Let me tell her.

Don't start getting paranoid.

What is the active ingredient in Tylenol?

A blue suit, white shirt and red tie are essential for all male workers.

Small world.

Micky has a love/hate relationship with Japan.


We tried to contact the other ship.

You can't really read my mind, can you?

The clothes at this boutique are particularly expensive.


He appeared on television last night.

She sometimes ditches school just for the hell of it.

I just saw you talking to Jeanne less than five minutes ago.


I think Ruth said his last name is Jackson.