I don't have a picture of you.

Somebody wants to talk to you.

I found Rudy waiting for me when I got home.

I wish it would stop raining.

Russ is the real problem.


I think we'd better not drink this water.


I'm in your hands.

He has read the book outside.

Stones don't swim.

I'll pray for Donal.

Lawrence didn't flaunt his wealth.

Are you sure you're okay?

To be always honest is not easy.

He ignored her advice.

I can't give in; that's just how I am.

Write down each word.

I guess now you know how Janice must've felt.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Great work, girls.


You don't have to beg me.


Our political system was shaped by feudal traditions.


You're really an angel!

Can I have this dance?

Phillip should've gone weeks ago.

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Is that everything you wanted?

Everything is in order.

Our problems are nothing compared to Beth's.

We'll talk again in the morning.

That's something we'll improve on.

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I'll be happy to discuss any problem you might have.

I'm going to do a trick with only four cards.

The widow suffered from stomach cancer.


Why are you calling Sanjeev?

I just want to make sure we all agree.

Why are you protecting me?

Revenge is a confession of pain.

The parents could not help scolding their little child.

They all sought for the lost child.

I love playing basketball.

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I saw how much Takeuchi was enjoying himself.

He is a man who loves ritual.

I hate shopping.

I asked for a refund.

What do you want instead?

Is that a cat?

This house is environmentally friendly.


I'm sure we'll find a solution.


What would you like me to make you for dinner?

The ship left every Monday.

I tried hard, but I had to give up.

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The surface of a balloon is not an Euclidean space, and therefore does not follow the rules of Euclidean geometry.

Let us forget this problem.

Why don't you go for a walk?

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He was promoted to section chief.

I like to watch her undress.

Scholarly as he is, he can't be relied on.


An icebreaker can carve a channel in the ice fifteen meters wide.

I owe Steve thirty thousand.

I doubt her words.


Don't disobey my orders.

The girls are wild about the film star.

It's easy money.

Winning isn't the only thing that matters.

Willie has a lot of black and white pictures of his grandparents.

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Christie is praying.

Kuldip opened the door and the dog ran out.

Since happiness doesn't exist, we have to strive to be happy without it.

I didn't rob any bank.

I went into the town in search of a good restaurant.

Our country is lagging behind.

Right, I said, shivering at this recital as a man would who gets hysterical while taking a shower if a bit of soap stings his eye.

I'll be awake the whole night.

Roxana believes his life is in danger.


The elevator isn't working.

Even Richard doesn't know about it yet.

Saify says that he's too busy to fall in love.

Better to be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion.

Remember to answer his letter.


He's a big liar.

He fell ill three years ago.

She's a woman of strong character.

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Read this tonight.

It's been five years since they came to Japan.

The last time I saw Gil he was wearing a cowboy hat.

Lonesome George was the last giant tortoise of his kind.

I have received a respite.


I'll be outside if you need me.

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He was unable to read much of it.


Dan devoted his life to find a solution to the problem.

We spent the afternoon eating grapes.

Goodness knows what it was.

Happiness does not consist only in having many things.

Chuck went outside to see what Teriann was doing.

Jitendra's smiling face let everyone know that she was happy.

Tanaka's favorite song is Chariots of Fire by Vangelis.

I did exactly what you told me to do.

Seemingly impossible things sometimes happen.

Charley doesn't need to go to work today.

He is more famous than Taro.


Everyone believed his lie.

We took her to the hospital.

The boy was so tired that he couldn't take one more step.


The room was filled with computers.

Linder sat on the edge of the bed and told Martyn a story until he felt asleep.

Spudboy has a plan.

How could Sheila know that?

Edgar asked me to come here.

Did you question them?

That woman is beautiful.

Where could it have come from?

How well that girl skis!


She pulled her sweater over her head.

A nation that annihilates all native nations and cultures of two continents, North America and Australia, then drops two nuclear bombs on a densely populated island, would be feared even by aliens.

I saw Ji try to kill himself.

Please quit finding fault with me!

How could they not know?


Maybe I should've done this sooner.


Sal walked over to Jarvis and whispered in her ear.

"Would you like some tea?" "Yes, please."

It could be a mistake.

Tao depends on Carolyn.

I assume you're referring to Jeremy.


A couple of these ought to put me to sleep.

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I'm afraid we can't stay here.

Where did you swindle them?

Today will be hot.

Each and every member of the club was present.

The truck driver wasn't injured.


Why's the engine still running?


Did they go to the mountains?


This is a top-loading washing machine.

I would've done that for you.

He is too dumb to fear danger.

It was so nice to sit on the grass in the spring sun.

Japan is, as it were, his second home.

You need to take your mother's advice.

Please speak to me in French.

"Tomorrow's a new day," the optimist says.

Maybe you should tell him that.

You're better off without Hans.

I want to give up.

Kory says Ramanan is to blame.

Hobbies take your mind off the worries of everyday life.

It is just because fear of punishment has no deterrent effect that crime continues in spite of all laws and courts, prisons and executions.

The teacher accused Pat of cheating.

We are just going to leave.

A great idea presented itself in my mind.

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It serves you right that you failed your exam. You didn't study for it at all.

The results are inconclusive.

Somebody's following me.


We went shopping with our friends.

Would anyone like some wine?

I wish I could understand you better.

Lawrence finally mustered up the courage to tell Benjamin the truth.

They couldn't stop smiling.

Can you explain how Hank died?

I am reading a letter.

"Are you upset?" "No. Why would I be?"

Less of the heroics please, mister.

May I pay with a credit card?

Mason and I have that in common.

Elias hesitated for just a second.

The derivative of a constant function is always zero.


Would you care to join me?