Don't mix up effectiveness and efficiency.

Can you please come fix it?

The patient is getting worse and worse day by day.

Her teaching experience gives her an advantage when working with children.

Tor bought a gun.

Can you tell me what's going on in there?

I've got nothing against you.

The beauty of that lady was admired by everyone.

They passed across the border.

I can't remember her address no matter how much I try.

We resist you.


I'm jealous that you have a good boss.

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Every rumour contains a grain of truth.

Our water pipes burst.

Dan ended up in jail.

Does Jun still wrestle?

Does it stop at Kolkata?

Do you want to wait in the car?

I'm from out of town.

You're welcome to write to me.

You look hot.

The 80m-high cliffs, steep from every angle, appear uninviting, even menacing.

In the USA, there have never been as many drug addicts as there are today.

It is sunny.

I don't know how long this'll take.

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Everybody had a good year.

Mysore has never let me down.

He lives from hand to mouth.

Sangho was quiet, polite and respectful.

Maybe we ought to ask him.

He walks seven miles a day on an average.

Try not to make the same mistake twice.

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Don't do that, OK?


I didn't know about you.

Are you sure you didn't forget anything?

We all get along.


That's cool.

Stop writing and hand your paper in.

You can't put him off until tomorrow?

I have broken my favourite bracelet.

We're having so much fun.

Her husband has been cheating on her for years.

I'll warn him.


If your baby is prone to rashes, you may want to apply diaper cream, powder, or petroleum jelly after cleaning your baby's bottom.

I don't really know Roxie at all.

Alastair is outside playing with his friends.

Do we have to do this tonight?

My watch needs mending.

Can you give this to her?

Why can't we do that?


Compared to you, I'm only a beginner at this game.

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Emily has wide shoulders and narrow hips.


These animals are on the verge of extinction.

I can't discuss it.

Ritalynne didn't know which button to push.


Don't ask what the state can do for you, but why it doesn't do it.

You lost count, didn't you?

I do love your car, I love it.

Was there someone else in the room?

Jeremy asked me to take a look at it.


He doesn't appreciate favors.

Everybody's busy.

Orville is grounded.

What's the most convenient way to get to Tokyo Station?

How did you spend Christmas?


The rice we harvested is bountiful.

I was about to go when he came.

Why would that be easier?

Is it too little?

The fruiting season for the cherry trees is from June to July.

The data is incorrect.

I cannot climb this mountain.

I have seen Mt. Fuji.

There is a limit to how much one can tolerate.

I don't think Grant is available.

The two of you have ruined my life.

Kevan is a party girl.

Fires for luring fish at night flicker on the silhouette of an island.

Were there any survivors?

Why can't I just go now?


If you say this to someone whose plane is going to crash, this phrase is not going to mean anything.

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You're dear to me.

We got off to a bad start.

Audrey was my buddy.

Let's sit for five minutes.

Rabbi, that man who was with you on the other side of the Jordan - the one you testified about - well, he is baptizing, and everyone is going to him.

Tobias thinks that if he had tried a little harder, he could have won the race.

Dorothy didn't ask Lowell for her opinion.

Nikolai followed John across a cornfield.

You can't drink seawater because it is too salty.

The cat is licking itself.

The first snowplows were drawn by horses.

Kaj is the only one in our family who has ever studied French.

Ozan put two pieces of bread into the toaster.


I'm farsighted.

Just hold your position till I arrive.

I really don't like Apple products.

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Although an increase of unmarried mothers is needed in order to escape the declining birth rate for some reason public opinion in Japan is avoiding this argument.

Raise your right hand and repeat after me.

Huashi parked as close to Greg's apartment building as he could.


She is quick at figures.

It doesn't come in my mind.

One notices readily, Ethel, that French blood courses in your veins.

I think Norm is tidy.

Go back to the seat.


She didn't want her daughter to go out at night.

She screwed up the work.

Craig is making the bed.

He said I don't get enough sleep.

I will be late.

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Miek is lying through his teeth.

We'll deal with this problem in Chapter 3.

How afraid I was!


It was handcrafted.

I'll go if you pay me enough money.

Did Jeanne ever talk to you about what he did in Australia?


Where can I obtain a map of Europe?

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She respects her homeroom teacher a lot.

Are you religious?

I have to explain this to them.

The child bears a closer resemblance to his mother.

I had V.D.


I don't really think so.


There is a serious problem.

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Honesty doesn't always pay.


Starbuck wasn't celebrating.


We are who we are.

Juergen is the only one here who isn't a teacher.

He guessed the amount of money I had in my pocket.


Graeme is getting emotional.


They're all either dead or dying.

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These pills act on the heart.

The men are eating lunch.

We don't have any ice cream.

What do you think that was all about?

You'll feel better when you get some sleep.

Don't punish Alain for that.

Agatha knew where Nick lived.

My cousin in Hokkaido is a good skier.

I'm going to split.

She seemed very happy in contrast to the man.

What do they want with Surya?

Jem is a pretty stable person.

Dorian is super busy.

He dashed us with water.

It occurred to me that I had forgotten my keys.


I know you think this is too expensive.

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Hienz tried to swim.

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I don't think Shakil has a brother.

It is strange that you should know nothing about the matter.

Benson and Seth disagree on that point.


I suppose it's going to rain this evening.


I can't wait any more.


I threw up three times.

Vicki doesn't know why Murthy wanted him to leave.

You should leave it for tomorrow.

Like a bolt of lightning, a haiku struck me this morning, then vanished.

This is the perfect place for a romantic picnic.

He took care of the baby.

We're open on Mondays.


I understand that life without love is impossible for me.