I will not go to the trouble of taking him there.

Russell died two years ago in a plane crash.

Where did you get this key?

She advised him to get exercise every day.

Are these your horses?

It's a monumental task.

The Europeans often paid Indians to work for them.

I guess that there are fundamentalists and radicals even in the relatively peaceful domain of language...

The bed takes up a lot of space.

My idea is worth reading.

I would like to get a feel for your rapport with the customer.

Stephanie is universally acknowledged (including by himself) as a man who makes things happen [a playmaker/rainmaker].


I left my guitar in your office.

My father is very good at fishing.

Damn, where did I put my glasses?

This may be of use to you.

Why don't you come over for supper?

That's really nasty.

I was really emotional.

Knapper stopped smiling.

He found his parents.


He set his house on fire.

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You didn't tell them what we wrote in that blog.

I accepted the offer after due consideration.

Someone needs to tell them that.


He immediately goes after her, like an ox to the slaughter.

Mahesh was not at all ashamed of his extra-marital affair.

We noticed the man enter her room.


I will never see him again.

All you have to do is to meet her.

I saw a beautiful bird.

You don't have to eat it if you don't want to.

I had a heart attack.

May I have some water?

Patrice walked alone.

I'd already thought of that.

If Mats had understood French, he would've known what was going on.

Klaudia is good at chess.

Going to Boston is one of the things Syed wants to do next year.

I did my best to keep you out of it.

I should have stayed in bed.

For fear of the newspapers politicians are dull, and at last they are too dull even for the newspapers.

The teacher demonstrated many physics experiments.

That is most agreeable to the taste.

You'll feel better in the morning.


I suggest we hurry.

I have never gone to Florida.

I know it's not fair.

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That's all there is to it.

Sabrina grinned when he saw Jordan.

When are you going to finish this?

It is five years since the book was made into a movie.

The girls want someone on a white horse holding a sword but not someone with a true heart.


Future needs past.

He's good at fund raising.

The cow is at the farm, too.

My father drinks a cup of coffee every morning.

Maureen and I have work to do.

I can squeeze you in.

I'm not going to forgive you.

Hsi gave me some stamps.

We covered some 100 miles in the car.

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The kids will be happy to see you


I ordered you to get out.

What shall we have for dinner?

What would people think?

Paul made some sandwiches.

Vivek will be safe here with me.


There's no way that's true.

There are people who work in the night, and sleep in the day.

I'd rather not ask Syd to do that.

He stamped out the fire.

How do you plan on telling Bob that?

Vic became depressed.

During the night, a gunshot rang out.

Being awake is the opposite of being asleep.

Walt sounded angry.


If every user adds twenty sentences per day on Tatoeba, maybe it would be possible to reach one million sentences by Christmas.

The Stars must be kicking themselves for giving him the boot.

It's game time!


I used to be able to sing that song.

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I really want to learn how to drive.

Ji didn't recognize Barbara.

Taurus bought me roses.

He availed himself of the offer.

Suzanne doesn't need to go to the store.

I need to move to a different country.

Drivers must look out for children crossing the road.

We believe him.

He's stark naked.

In a different category was the prediction of a new age.

Her face was sooty.


Where did you leave your suitcase?

Raphael hasn't listened to the speech yet.

Seventy or eighty years is the normal span of a man's life.

Are you saying you don't want to go?

My father is a doctor.

You've drunk three cups of coffee.

The man was charged with theft.

We had some difficulty finding his house.

You'd better ask Prakash if he minds.


Do we have to get up early tomorrow morning?

I've just started learning French.

We will first describe the cause of the catastrophe.

I was under a lot of pressure.

The professor was criticized by the students.

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The meat is cooked to perfection.


You sound a lot like her.

I love dealing with professionals.

How dare you talk to me like that!

She won everything.

It is the love that covers a multitude of sins.

We write this in honor of Saint Patrick, who is credited with bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to one of the most pagan cultures of his day.

I woke up at ten o'clock.


It's said that that soldier fears no bullets.

You're not the only one!

The scholarship made it possible for me to continue my studies.

This was happening often in the summer.

I'm not accustomed to being in the limelight.

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Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.

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I want a coffee.

Did you hear the bell?

This fabric is impermeable to water.


He started to cry.

Will you help me with Hughes?

I'll get by if I have a place to sleep.

Mat can't even ride a bicycle.

I think we have to be very careful.

Gerald's boots sank into the deep snow.

My feet hurt so much, I think that I must have run them right through to the bone.

I'm just trying to help you here.

I hope Malaclypse will like Boston.

He thinks he knows best.

I have recovered from my bad cold.


Don't be so backboneless!

I own two books.

I'll surprise him.


Me, hate you? Don't be ridiculous! We're best friends now.

Elliot will be prepared for it.

I had a lot of help.

Her outrage is completely justified.

"The Mirabeau Bridge" is a very beautiful poem by Guillaume Apollinaire.


Both Nathan and Julia are blind.

I was expecting something to happen.

I think I've found enough for everybody.

Nicolas seems to be running away from something.

We never seem to be able to agree on anything.

Maybe you can't hear me.

They found an ancient bowl from 2,000 years ago.

The number of people who go abroad has been increasing.

I have fond memories of Gene.

Carry this for me.

You're getting the hang of it.

The sea is angry.

I usually drink my coffee with milk.

Since the traffic was light, we made good time driving to the beach.

I need to buy new yoga pants.

I've always wanted to meet her.

That cake is fattening.

I've just learned the news.

It has no faults.

I took to sleeping late in the morning.

I didn't know her at the time.

Would you please page Antonella Jackson?

That's all for now.


Lou is defensive.


He misled you.

Put your affairs in order.

We got married a few years ago.

Don't spend the whole night preparing yourself.

Emily didn't seem to understand anything we said.

This doesn't have to happen again.

We don't know who killed him yet.