Do you think I'm wrong?

I'm going to see him.

I thought I could smoke.

Jennifer has an insatiable appetite.

The strange thing about money is that it can limit one's behaviour.

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I'm convinced Lyndon can help us here.


She cannot ride a motorcycle, not to mention a bicycle.

Jem crawled through the small tunnel.

I thought so.

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All the participants gathered in the main hall.


The sum of 5 and 3 is 8.


We don't really know them.

It is not worth repairing this camera.

Everybody likes to be appreciated.

She worked for a rich man.

Have we left out anything, Travis?

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They kept their love a secret.

They bottled the beer.

I think autumn is the most beautiful season of the year.


Walter saw Pim.

Shatter works for an American company.

I was right there with Pia at the time.

Bush doesn't want to use mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I waited for her for a long time.

There is no shame in saying 'I don't know'.

I'm going to bed, bye.

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Eric invited Christian to his home.


The only thing we can do is wait.


I felt like going out for a walk.


I'd do anything for you.


I don't understand French.

He met with a tragic death in an ambush.

Something made Irfan angry.

Is that blood?

They all changed.

Betty is a dance teacher.

Her face reddened as he sang to her.

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Who carried the luggage?

I don't like writing.

No one feels like fighting.

The scenery was breathtaking.

Elizabeth was totally incompetent.


The Japanese word "mofumofu" is used to describe fluffy and light animals.

They train you on how to do something without thinking twice about it.

That was a colossal waste of time.

I won't be able to stop.

I'm your new lawyer.

The inhabitants of the island are tall and strong.

I like Brazil, but nevertheless I'm going to the Ukraine.


Drinking too much is bad for the health.


Spacewalks usually last between five and eight hours, depending on the job.

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I want to send a parcel to Japan.

Humans can't see ultraviolet light.

I'll tell him so when he comes here.

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They'll understand us.

We're just passing through.

This is a fascinating article.

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Did you pack your bathing suit?


You must be careful when swimming in the sea.

I still have some money in hand.

Give me the coordinates.

It is important for us to choose good friends.

How do you stand this humidity?


I'm photographing the woman.

I don't want to see it.

Lonhyn is taking swimming lessons.

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I'm tired of watching television.

We go downtown to do shopping.

This keyboard is perfect.

I have to understand the meaning of this sentence.

We all want prices to decline.

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Chivalry isn't dead.

I'm going to see him.

You don't have to do that today.

I know a very good way to get it done.

Ramadoss cried tears of rage.

She is a teacher's pet.

I hate it when people tell me what to do.

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I had backache from lying down on the cold floor.


I go where I want to go.

Please fix this.

I have been to the U.S. twice.

Somebody should do something.

May I eat this?


Many plants bloom in the spring.

Investigation on those organisms will give new lights on the quest for new medicines.

Camp ends tomorrow.


I don't mind if the weather is hot.

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That book was interesting.

You have to take the bull by the horns.

Debi is concerned about Moses.

Love, in fact, is the agent of universal synthesis.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Nobody saw me leave the room.

Clay doesn't feel like taking a walk with his dog this morning.

He works every day except Sunday.

But my absolute favorite is not there.

Is someone waiting for you?

Shamim's a smart guy.


Because his parents had died when he was young, his uncle brought him up.

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You know what George wants.


Rainer needs some water.

I never learned to speak French very well until Wolfgang started to help me.

I'll come by ferry.

I'm no better than anyone else.

It was used only from time to time.

He took the pen and wrote the address.

His help came in the nick of time.

I really like him!

He speaks a little English.

Africa is a continent, but Greenland isn't.

Leon has to have an operation on his back.

I want to kiss you goodbye.

Isn't he going to Peru tomorrow?


Melinda brings his children with him to work once or twice a year.

He became ever more famous as a critic.

Do you want to sell them?

Some games use a die numbered up to 100.

Explain it in plain words.

Calm down; he's just teasing you.

We'll have to do this later.

Margot will lead the discussion.

Root was obviously not impressed.


I'd like a chance to learn more.

Kamiya thought you were drunk.

His boyhood experiences taught him what it was like to be poor.

Stay calm and sharpen pitchforks.

There are some topics you shouldn't discuss with Aimee.

Who caught Damone?

How long have you been working here?

Annie got a puppy.

This ticket is good for three days.

I've always been very proud of that.

We, the Japanese, now feed ourselves with rice.

If the food's cold, put it in the microwave.

How did you answer her?

It was her best time.

Let's hope the support arrives on time.

He is keen on soccer.

He's a freshman.

There's no one else here.

What gets me is having to do the same boring job, all day every day.

Dennis is a dog trainer.

Kerry is the only one who can explain what happened.

They are apocryphal writings.

Joe denied being Les's daughter.

He is sincere in his promises.

That's an even better idea.

I have to write a paper.

There wasn't time.

This is very difficult.

She has good style, so she looks good in anything she wears.

You're starting to bother me.

Have you already bought your ticket?

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Jane and Russell exchange an amused glance.

"You have the attention span of a chicken". "Chickens are tasty". "My point exactly".

Simon didn't cry.


Turks are a very friendly nation.

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We hired a boat by the hour in the park.

Herve decided not to go to Boston.

You sowed your field with barley.

You will have unrestricted access to this area.

There have been many genocides in history, but the most famous (or infamous) is that perpetrated by the Nazis.