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Are you sure it's safe to move this dynamite?

I'm really embarrassed.

Jason's girlfriend threatened to leave him.


A hungry child isn't going to play with a full child.

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Helen and Matthias just met three months ago.

We didn't see anybody.

In the end, he landed in jail.


It's really cold today. You should dress warmer or you might catch a cold.

Would you please call him back later?

What was your relationship with Part?

It was my first time coming to Shanghai.

Grab the shovels, boys.

I need you to talk to us.

We've only got about three minutes.

This cold has knocked me for a loop.

Convulsions can occur when they run a fever.

Not everyone has as much money as you.

Not everybody knows about the plan.


Did Lance have to sign this agreement with Dave.

I don't want to lose you as a friend.

We got into our sleeping bags, and then Josh told a story about ghosts.


Think of all the things Rajiv could tell us.

That should be easy.

What do you call this animal in Japanese?

What do you want from them?

How do you know what I had?

You've seen what this machine can do.

At any rate, it's all the same to me.

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He's constantly abroad.

You just saw them, didn't you?

Celeste said he was disoriented.

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She turned and began to cry.

I know what Johnnie is looking at.

Keep to the right.

That'll depend entirely on Leonard.

Not a single word did he say.

Conrad asked Spencer if she had enjoyed herself at the party.

Nick didn't realize that he had made a mistake.

Leo didn't want to talk about it.

Let's consider the worst that could happen.

The room emptied when the gong for dinner sounded.

I've learned a lot from you over the past year.

Janice was made redundant.

Good morning, Mike.


He was fortunate enough to catch the train.

I like the color of this shirt.

Astronaut Ed White performed the first American spacewalk during the Gemini 4 mission on June 3, 1965.

I called at his office yesterday.

They backed him up in everything.

We'll stick together.

The day will soon come when there will be no more wars in the world.

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It was useless.

I am amazed by the wisdom and honesty of this person.

I know where you hide your money.

Am I the father?

What one cannot see is what is distant; instead, look at what is near.

When will Mother come home?

She gave us lots to eat.

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I suggest that you start a behavioral therapy in order to cure yourself of your obsession with comas.

Memorising the cards in a deck in order is certainly a difficult task, but manageable.

I just don't find you that attractive.


I didn't eat anything for six days.

We crossed the lake in a boat.

Rajiv almost always gets home from school before 5:30.

I recognized you as soon as I saw you.

There are many wild animals in this area.

She beguiled me of my money.

It looks perfect.

I have the same trouble as you have.

He changed trains at Sendai Station.


What did you want her to do?

Tahsin's hair is turning gray.

Very soon they were married.

Do you know why cactus have needles?

I paid in advance.


The police continued their investigation.

I already said I don't know how to do that.

This stuff makes me sick.

I listened to some CDs last night.

He opposes this project.


I would love to come with you all, but I don't have any money.


Silver chloride is not completely water-soluble.

Helge really thinks things over.

Hitoshi is such a jerk.

Is he still interested?

I found the man I want to marry.

We don't want them there.

I'm worried about Gretchen being alone.

The world is horrible. I'm ditching it and moving to another planet. I'll found a colony where everything will be just perfect, a real utopia. I'll tell everybody what to do (for their own good and the good of the colony, of course) and they'll do it. Or else. But all for the prosperity and well-being of the colonists. You understand.

We should place much value on the environment.


Mick sounds nice.

We've been through this before.

Everyone lies to me.


It can't get any worse.

The moon was the only light in the mountains that night.

Holyrood is in uproar.


He took us to the zoo.

We walked along the busy street, singing old songs.

My French is not good at all.

How many paragraphs are there in this text?

Was there any damage?

I had a stroke.

Won't you stay just a little longer?

The newspaper called for the government to stop inflation.

Cast pearls before swine.

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Titles and honours signify nothing to me.

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I haven't been much of a friend, have I?


She married a fellow immigrant and had a son.

I love a happy ending.

Debris littered the streets.

Miss Baker knew that the young man would have to leave very soon, so she decided to ask him to move his car a bit, so that she could park hers in the proper place for the night before going to bed.

What Liz did took courage.

Sedovic opened the window a crack to let in a bit of fresh air.

I'm trying to wrap my head around it.

There can be only one queen in the hive.

Floria and I study French together.


Even chocolate contains vitamins.


He made to settle down in the suburbs of London.

You must look to your manners.

He was assigned a task.

How long have you been teaching French?

Your blood is red.

The doctor must be sent for at once.

I just wish there was something we could do to help Vincent.

Major did nothing but cry.

I thought you might want some breakfast.


They come from Beijing.

My mum values this writer.

Nicholas has been good to me.

According to you, which sport is the most popular one in Japan?

The study found that African-American students were disciplined more often and more harshly than other students.


He still has not written the letter.


Even if it rains, I will start early tomorrow morning.

What projects are you working on now?

Grass now grows on the path that once led to the church.


I strongly suggest you visit Kyoto.

Srikanth and I never did get along very well.

Ritalynne passed away getting struck by lightning on the beach.

Ahmet wallowed in self-pity after Morris dumped him.

The movie theater was empty.

My name is Sasha.

I want to know where they are.


I have not felt well recently.


I was three hours too late.

Can you tell us what happened?

We're not welcome.


Lui dug up Shannon's body.


If you have been, thanks for listening.

You don't like me very much, do you?

He wants his approval.


Why don't we get acquainted?

He is proud of having been educated in Paris.

He couldn't make it in business.

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This is where we live.

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We couldn't grasp the meaning of what he was trying to say.

Dan was arrested and charged with rape.

She's the most popular girl in the class.

Am I interrupting something?

The children always scare the living daylights out of me on Halloween.

Neither you nor I are mistaken.

She's dependent on her husband.

Where do you catch these frogs?

I'm glad we already have so much in common.

He put too much emphasis on the matter.

Kiss my ass.