Jennifer Jinsuk Jung

Why DavinciTF US Corp?

Performance-oriented Responsible Execution
Result-oriented Technology, Product Analysis and Responsible Execution
Accumulated Experiences in US & Korea market
Cooperative Structure with the US Major Dealers
Network with US Bushitol-Boston, Technology Consulting Firm by Korean-American Scientist & Engineer Association


Technology Market Analysis Expert
US Market Research & Developing Dealers Expert.
MOT Policy Research
Global Technology Commercialization_ US Market Specialization
US Expo Exhibition Agent

기술 시장성 분석
미국 기술시장조사 및 딜러 발굴 전문
_ 필요 인증, 타겟 시장 등 조사 (연간 20건 수행)
기술 경영 정책 연구
글로벌 기술사업화_미국 특화
미국 전시회 참가 지원대행
02-539-3204, 010-3006-1933
(US) 201-381-1933 / Facebook /jenniferjinsuk