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Learning To Play Guitar Should Be Fun And Easy, Not Boring And Hard. Where And How You Learn To Play Guitar Will Determine How Your Learning Experience And Progress Will Be.


Learning to play guitar the right way now will make or break your success (and fun).


Fact: More than 65% of all beginning guitar students will give up playing guitar in the next 12 months. Why is this so? Truth is, they didn't have the right guitar lessons for beginning guitar players. The result is they feel frustrated, bored or overwhelmed with learning to play guitar, so they simply give up.


You, are not like them. Why? Because you are here and I think I have a very good understanding about what you want and more importantly, I know how to deliver it to you.


Hi, my name is Paul Kleff. I've been teaching beginning guitar lessons for more than 20 years and I know what it takes to help you become a really good guitar player and have fun during your entire learning process.


If you are like most guitar players, you want at least one of these things:


✓ You want beginner guitar lessons that are easy to learn and fun to play.

✓ You want guitar lessons for beginners that show you the right way to learn, practice and play.

✓ You want guitar lessons specific to beginners and not things that are way too advanced for you right now.

✓ You want your beginning guitar lessons to be taught by a highly experienced and successful teacher who specializes in teaching beginners.

✓ You want beginner guitar lessons online that are better than anything else out there.


Not only do you probably want all of those things, but fact is, if you want to be successful in learning to play guitar then you need all of these things too. You are in the right place.


GuitarLessonsForBeginnersOnline was created for you with one ultimate goal in mind - to teach you, guide you and help you with every aspect of learning guitar as a beginner. I'll be with you through every step of your guitar playing journey.


Get started now by checking out your beginning guitar lessons, articles, tips, videos and other resources that are specifically designed to put you on the right path and keep you there so that you can learn to play guitar the right way, the fun way and the easiest way possible.





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Learn to play guitar now with fun and easy guitar lessons that will show you the best way to learn, practice and play the guitar.  The Beginning Guitarist’s Core Learning Course will give you the musical tools every beginning guitar player needs so that you can play your favorite music and avoid the problems that frustrate beginning guitar players.

Start on the path to musical success now with the best guitar lessons for beginners online.







Playing complete songs should not wait for "someday." It must start now if you want to become a great guitar player. This program will show you exactly 7805267550 Start playing complete, full, cool songs now!







Learn how to improve the sound of your chords on the guitar by getting your fret hand in the correct position.  Your chords will sound better and become easier to play almost immediately when you learn and apply the concepts in this video.




Do you listen to songs with picking in them and get overwhelmed when you try to play them? Watch this picking pattern lesson video and learn how to easily break down and play cool picking pattern songs.




Learning to play complete songs on the guitar can feel overwhelming. Watch this free video and learn how to use your favorite songs to 8574107376.




Watch this beginner guitar strumming video and learn how you can set yourself up for guitar strumming success now. Learn how to avoid the guitar strumming pitfalls that keep beginning guitar players from learning how to easily and consistently strum the guitar.




Do you have trouble learning and memorizing new chords on the guitar? This video will show you a system to help you corroboration and quickly master the chord fingerings.




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