Let's find out more about them.

Is that my robe?


Is there a problem with your order?

Would you like to say something, Tuan?

This is exactly what I expected from you.

It's very important to him.

Put it in your pocket.

The earliest known record of a comet sighting was made by an astrologer of the Chinese court in 1059 B.C.

The boy was so tired that he couldn't take one more step.

I'm writing this letter to him.

Helen's camera was just where he'd left it.

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During the reign of Nero the Apostles Peter and Paul were killed, who had come to Rome to preach.


This is a nice surprise.

I can ride a bike.

She talked long of her experiences abroad.

I've got a new bike.

You seem to be busy now.

I am afraid they can't get along very well.

You've got mouths to feed.

This disease affects mainly on the central nervous system.

As soon as Manavendra closed the front door behind him, he realised that his house keys were on the bench inside his apartment.

I probably swim better than Tanaka.

The scene brought her words home to him.

The chill of coming winter discouraged our picnic.

He has just over thirty years.

I'm sure the reasons are obvious.

Where is the book and the pencil?


The lion is king of beasts.

He can be proud of her father.

I cook almost every day.


For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son.

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That's very different.

I've hardly been civil to you.

I wrote my name on the cover of all my notebooks.

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Don't tell her anything except the absolute truth.

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Can you find Doha on the map?


Can't you see Hui is here to help us?

It's the least I can do.

I'm Sangho's grandfather.

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They looked far and wide for the missing dog.

We spent the afternoon fooling around on the beach.

Phiroze thought it was a bad idea.

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It's people like them who make every day special.

We're working on it now.

Briggs and Benson sure looked happy.

We've only got three days.

Eduardo walked over to the window and looked out.


Sean Connery is a Scottish actor.

I think you should come down here.

I'll come back this afternoon.

What else can I tell you?

Jaime and Shannon started talking.

Tim is just three years old.

Lincoln was opposed to slavery.


He has got used to a new life.

Trying planted some flower seeds in his garden.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about this.

Do you want to see your room?

Sigurd has already finished his homework.

This camera is cheap.

Roland told Dani he wanted a divorce.

"Roxana stole my wallet." "Are you sure about that?"

I ate some bread and a boiled egg for lunch.

I knew you'd want to go home early today.

The documents will be on your desk in the morning.

Hey look, it's Dorian.

She is bitterly ashamed of her son for stealing.

Why not join us for lunch?

Thanks for reminding us.

You have to go back to Boston with us.

Is this official business?

"Do you love me?" "Of course I do."

It's too damp in our basement for a piano.

This bed is too soft.

They built a bridge across the river.

On the open ice a bear may lie on its stomach.

Our school is now coeducational.

We canoed downstream.

Karen sent me there.


Hotta always seems so friendly.

"I'm dripping sweat." "Then make sure you take a shower!"

O heat, dry up my brains! Tears seven times salt, burn out the sense and virtue of mine eye!

The interpreter is paid to translate.

I know as much as I need to.

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He doesn't look very happy.

Damn, she's HOT!

What led you to believe it?

If you get sick, go to the doctor.

Nothing went wrong.

She doesn't have a driver's license.

We can do whatever we want.

Let me go talk to him.

I was hoping you'd let me buy you a drink.

Give me time to think over it.

What one has to learn is more than the language.

They are hungry this morning.

Kathryn's clothes are disheveled.

The students chose her chairman.

She dismissed what Cathryn was saying.

Do you love music?

Bill is supposed to be here at ten.

This law is applicable to all cases.

See Jaime, I told you didn't have anything to worry about.

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The result proved disappointing.


Don't come near to the bulldog in case it bites.


They decided to enter the room.

The price of this book has been reduced by half.

His explanation was too sketchy. I didn't understand it.

I don't understand the world anymore.

I'll ask for directions.

We got extraordinary grades.

My father suggested that we go camping.

There's some room for improvement.

Rudolph is a judoka.

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It's really windy today.

Pilar wasn't truthful.

You aren't allowed to park there.

They ruined me.

I want to find Harv as much as you do.

They're rich.

Written in technical terms, this book is very difficult to understand.

This sentence is composed of seven words.

Are you talking shop?

To do him justice, he's done some good work.

I had a nagging feeling that the atmosphere resembled somebody and, now that you mention it, yes, you're right. Certainly ZZ TOP had this kind of feel.

Even though I'm sitting here in the sun, I still feel cold.

Are you tough?


How many do you have left?


Despite Hippocrates' very first exhortation, the history of medicine abounds in needless torture and bad counsel.


Frank told me that he could live off his savings for a while if he lost his job.

I've seen you playing music at Chuck's Bar and Grill.

When did these delusions first occur?

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Everybody but Russ laughs.

I enjoy walks and talks on the beach.

He is my boss's friend and confidant.


You can go out on condition that you come home by seven.

I think Sangho is having serious money problems.

None of you should leave this room.

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Will you join our baseball club?

How much time do you have before you have to leave?

Let's split up and look for Clay.

He was ashamed of her ignorance.

Juha is a human rights activist.

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May I have your name and address?


That isn't a good idea in my opinion.

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Dorothy showed Marilyn a picture of his family.

The keyboard doesn't work.

Nobody's blaming you.


Kathy and Vickie are scared.


I used to live near here.


The man is mourning after the sad news.

She didn't run fast enough to catch the bus.

Don't worry. Your joke did not really discomfit me.

Valerie sat facing the door.

How many drinks did you have at lunch?

Your brother will not buy it.

A loaf of bread is better than the songs of birds.


Bring Real inside.

Where's the beard?

What is beautiful is not always good.

Frances wanted to get his son into that school.

My advice is to wait and see what Van does.


Who knows?

How dare you ask me for help!

Sigurd says that he hates to study.


Go there yourself if you like, but I want no part of it.