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Enhance your business standards with Tagai Technology Turnkey System

Tagai Technology Turnkey System takes technology into new directions providing one-of-a-kind cab dispatch software with the best service management system. Supported by high precision GPS tracking and built-in driver and passenger friendly application attributes, Tagai Technology Turnkey System stands ahead of its competitors and stands by its customers with the cab dispatch system that serves to accelerate better business results.

Automated operations

Enjoy the convenience of a completely automated dispatch with a marvelously engineered taxi software

Incredible capacity

Ease your process of taxi dispatch with an extensive taxi management suite capable of handling 10000+ taxis

Easy upscale

Upgrade your business from small to enterprise and easily switch your business plan as your needs change


Not so long ago, the only way of hiring a taxi consisted in locating it on the street or calling a base, the last example involves a process where a radio call locates the nearest taxi for the passenge, all taxi drivers receives the order and the fastest to take it closes the order, communicating the base when the trip begins and end.

Both ways of hiring the service doesn't let the passenger know who is coming for him/her and what is his/her reputation

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Why do we promote this business?

In the world of commerce, the main group that makes it possible for industry, business and the economy to flourish are consumers. If they are in chaotic economic situation, none of our proposals for consumption or offers will work.

We understand that there are many possibilities for serious business opportunities that, in a time of crisis, can serve to rebuild the purchasing power of consumers and restore the lost economic balance between supply and demand.

A person who has to stop taking a taxi, going out to dinner with the family, buying luxurious items or not, and so on. Personal complications begin that are transferred to the market and the quality of life is indisputably low.

When we have a serious business in our hands, with a proven trajectory of rapid personal implementation and that allows any person to do it without great investments, we consider it a duty to make it available to the general public.

We fully trust the National Wealth Center and its proposal, so we bring it here, if you need it, to have an extra income and very good income, depending on the effort you put in.

Thank you.

Porque promovemos este negocio?

En el mundo del comercio, el grupo principal que hace posible que la industria, los negocios y la economía florezca son los consumidores. Si los mismos están en caótica situación económica, ninguna de nuestras propuestas de consumo u ofertas funcionara.

Entendemos que hay muchas posibilidades de oportunidades de negocios serias que, en época de crisis, pueden servir para reconstruir el poder adquisitivo de los consumidores y restaurar el equilibrio económico perdido entre la oferta y la demanda.

Una persona que tiene que dejar de tomar taxi, salir a cenar con la familia, comprar los artículos suntuosos o no que desea, etc. Comienza una involución personal que se transfiere al mercado y la calidad de vida baja indiscutiblemente.

Cuando tenemos en nuestras manos negocios serios, con trayectoria probada, de rápida implementación personal y que le permite a cualquier persona hacerlo sin grandes inversiones, consideramos un deber poner al alcance del público en general el mismo.

Confiamos plenamente en National Wealth Center y su propuesta, por eso la traemos aquí para, si lo necesita, disponer de un ingreso extra y muy buen ingreso, dependiendo del esfuerzo que le ponga.