I hope my car doesn't break down and I get to you on time.

It's because it's too big.

The time has flown.

There was a sign saying, "Keep off the grass."

Place a charge on the door to blow it up.

We made way too many mistakes.

If it were not for his assistance, we could not carry out the project.

I found it difficult to make out what she was saying.

I'm not sure whether to stay home or go out.

I can't refuse her anything.

My mother is a kind soul.

Let me have a minute with Lee.

Seymour was worried that someone would discover details from his past.

He was tall and handsome.

Now I'd like to talk for a bit about the European Union.

It's exhilarating.

Sunil was arrested for carrying 30 grams of cocaine.

What time should I wake you up?

My dog can understand Esperanto but cannot speak it.

He evicted the existing tenants by taking them to court for non-payment of back rent.


When he finished speaking, he stood up and walked away.

Does my training qualify me to teach?

She swindled him.

Is there a zoo in Boston?

Devon took out some coins and handed one to Kikki.

Rik isn't looking forward to it at all.

Hamlet is Shakespeare's play.

Boyd is getting dressed.

Interlingue is an easy and beautiful language.

You borrow money from Taninna.

It's your turn to read.

There's no time for talking. Time has come to act!

We're checking into that.

I can't deal with this.

Perhaps we should find out what Marian's doing.


Tuna managed to force the window open.

Don't tell me you dated them?

It was raining, so I stayed home.

He is quick to take offense.

Here's a list of everything you need to do.

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May he live long!

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I don't see eye to eye with my father.


Gotta paint it.

My teacher told me that I didn't devote enough time to preparing my lecture.

I fell asleep while I was watching TV.

Nothing replaced his love.

Before we begin, a number of preliminary remarks are in order.

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Tokyo is larger than Yokohama.

Can you help us decorate for the party?

If you join, let me know and I'll go with you to one of the classes.

Tracey left his car in the long-stay car park before catching his flight.

Does that surprise you?

It's always the same.

That doesn't make sense.


Elijah and Ramiro are both happy.

Do not do that.

Will you make room for me?

You may as well do the task now as put it off.

I don't know where to put this.

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When did you last cut your hair?

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Take it easy.

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Miki believes in life after death.

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The young man had neglected his appearance, and his clothing was dishevelled.


He has a beautiful daughter.


Suu has known Alberto for over three years.

Darryl wasn't very hungry.

I kind of lost my focus.

He married a girl much younger than he.

He has decided to carry on the work.

I'm going to the station.

This is very cheap.


We're after the same thing.


What you said does not make sense.

I don't know what the matter is.

She was in dire straits, but made a virtue out of necessity.

He goes fishing every other day.

The children were going to make sport of her.

Ami's hair is long.

This isn't going to end well!

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We alternated in cleaning the room.

There have been a lot of complaints in the last few days about the amount of noise coming from your apartment.

I still have a lot of questions I want to ask you.

Can we spend the night here just for tonight? I hope it's no trouble.

Torture is wrong.


I always have fruit and oatmeal for breakfast.

How many stories does his house have?

There's a huge difference between "making oneself understood" and "completely mastering English."

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Here's a list of what we need to find.

Raphael sprang at me in a rage.

It wasn't hers.

When she was a student, she used to go to the disco often.

Joubert has worked for me for three years.

There are many different kinds of clocks, including wristwatches, wall clocks, digital watches, gold watches, cuckoo clocks, quartz watches, stopwatches, timer and tower clocks.

I didn't see that one coming!

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Pocket dictionaries are out of fashion.

He went to the station to see his friend off.

They said they never saw you.

I don't mind leaving at six o'clock.

Why do you want her to have it?

I'm not sure you'll like it.

I had no alternative.


The dog followed me.


How are you making out?

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We've got to save her.

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You will be ignored.

He's a crude man.

I'll make sure of it.


There is no rest for the wicked.

We've got the championship in our pocket.

Have you seen all these movies?

Don't harass Rolfe.

Ask the teacher when you have a question.

Vickie walked around the store, buying things he needed.

As usual he brought me nothing.

Where was the knife found?

"What should I do?" I said to myself.

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She picked out a pink shirt for me to try on.

Here is my bicycle.

Why do you want her to have it?


I wasn't thinking.

Anyhow, don't make me one.

You're just like your mother.

All bugs should be fixed today before we leave.

It took a long time and a lot of money to build this factory.

He refused to eat his lunch.

I thought Lee would wear something like that.

The laborers formed a human barricade.

My grandfather goes for a walk every day.

Today my brother marries my best friend.

You're not Brazilian, are you?


Jeanne took the hook out of the fish's mouth.


Guy was sick in bed yesterday.

There is a Buddhist Revival movement in India, which is heavily Hindu.

Ray never called.

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The test was easy.

I know Emma was busy.

What happened was horrible.


She got up and left in the middle of our conversation.


The bus broke down on the way, so I ran to school.

We have to go to sleep now.

I'm not as fond of music as you are.

Australia was started as a British penal colony.

Someone should buy a round of drinks.

Why didn't you tell the truth?

At last, he realized his error.

What are you two talking about?

Let me get the manager for you.


I suddenly feel very much alone.


A boy sat in a highchair and ate lunch.


I am a nobody.

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It sounds crazy.

I can't finish this work by 2:30.

The piece was arranged for piano and orchestra.

Trying wants you to come to his birthday party.

I stared at the ceiling.


Gerard gave Howard a lot of money.

Dan blamed Linda for causing him to be late.

We need to be more careful.


We found a secret door into the building.


Take your coat. It's cold today.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone.

People are dumb animals.