I can't wear that dress ever again, Shari. I saw that Loyd had the same.

Where is the bank?


"Might be a bit stiff..." "Stiff?" "I mean the viscosity is too high."

My love is like a red, red rose.

When I went to bed on the evening of November 27, I picked up my blind cat and said to her, "You and me, we're alone in this world." But two days later, my blind cat died, and I've remained completely and utterly alone.


Drew has called me many times this past week.

Once the contract has expired, you are free to take on other work.

Would you please not smoke in this room?

What are your names?

Are you afraid of blood?

Let it go!

They'll be coming to the party too.


I wonder what the minimum wage is in Australia.

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The river suddenly narrows at this point.

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The seller weighs the cheese on the copper scales.

I have to go on a diet.

I've lost her number.

The beach is an ideal place for children to play.

Angela comes around now and then.

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Sorrel is now in Boston.

Why was Marika so fascinated with Japan?

Death is both the end and the beginning.


We've found something.

I've never stayed out this late walking before!

Can I really have all of these?

We enjoyed watching TV.

Are you working on any exciting new projects?

Surprisingly enough, he turned out to be a thief.

Glen has real talent.

She was a strong, fast runner then.

Are you sure you're okay?


Ten people were slightly injured in the accident.

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I'm sorry. Tanaka is not there for the moment.


I don't really care what you think.

Walter says he isn't going to answer any more questions right now.

Everyone looked.


I'm glad you accepted my offer.

Right after I graduated from college, I went into the army.

A C-130 transport plane is a turboprop aircraft. Its main thrust comes from the propellers, but the propellers are turned by turbine engines.

Changes in the country are inevitable.

I called them this afternoon.


Linley isn't on Facebook.

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Terrence may have done that already.

Nature is scary.

The school is two kilometers ahead.

Seeing me, the baby began to cry.

Today was different.

Ray got happy.

By the time I was born, all my grandparents had died.

This is the fourth year of King John's reign.

Page is rather slow.

Eventually, Kees just gave up.

No sooner had I opened the box than a frog jumped out.

I've never felt closer to you in my entire life than I do right now.

This was when he was born.

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I destroyed everything.


Weight is a force that is always directed toward the center of the earth.


I'd like to change that.

I tripped on a stone, twisting my ankle.

Got the hang of it?

Her father was a talented musician.

Amanda is athletic.


They got addicted.


He writes the Chinese characters very well.

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How much honey do you use for this pastry?

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That is not what they are going to talk about.

You'll pay for that.

We ran out of gas on the way there.

Someone should do something.

Where should we start?


Cut the daikon radish and carrot into quarter slices and cut the other vegetables into bite-size pieces.

The difference is this: he works harder than you.

Your shirt is wrinkled.


I decided to go out and explore the town.

He's got plenty but he still wants more.

Hey, I can handle it.

You can tell by her intonation that she lived in a Spanish speaking country when she was young.

Graham is coming next Monday.

I know you won't do it.

There's someone up there.

You look full of the joys of spring today. Why are you smiling all the time?

You really should talk to her.

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I can't be calm while talking about this.

We would have helped them.

I used to like folk music.

Toufic asked Clara where she went to school.

I went into the house.

There isn't anyone who knows everything from the outset.

Sehyo receives a high salary.

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I have a bomb.

Our kids are all tucked in. Now we can kick back and relax.

She must be somewhere.

Margie put his bag under the table.

Do you still hate French?


This composition leaves nothing to be desired.

Roman isn't going to hurt anyone again.

Alfred wasn't in his room.


I only buy yellow cars.

Benson was prepared to go to trial.

Starbuck used a crowbar to pry open the door.

Why can't you just be honest with me?

The rumors are true.

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Registration starts the twentieth of October.

Whoever can listen to butterflies laughing can also know how clouds taste.

With whom are you eating dinner?


What are you going to do about them?

Roland has confidence.

She solved the puzzle with ease.


Siping used to get good grades.

Patty solved the mystery.

Get everything.

I don't know Jon anymore.

There was a bad smell.

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The sisters dueled with each other verbally.

It turned out to be true.

Between us, she was ill.


You should stretch properly before exercising.


I'm rather shy.

I'd like for you to help me get my car running.

They are continuing to call.

Find Graeme before he murders someone.

Rome's destiny was to conquer the world.

Even with all his money, he's unhappy.

There was one American, one Canadian, plus about ten Germans.

The soldier lay in agony on the bed.

I don't like women without personalities.

I've found everything I need.

Israel wanted to do something.

How many schools are there in your city?

I was just going to write a letter.

Jill told me to come here.

This ticket will admit two persons free.


The telescope Clyde built in 1925 was only the first of more than thirty telescopes he was to build over his lifetime.

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Vistlik is still young.

Was that all Patricio said?

If you do that the again I'll beat the pants off you.

I don't know what she did, but it worked.

I think that maybe Kate and I could be friends.

I know a guy who plays the guitar fairly well.

Did you find what you needed?

Things were different then.

The guy driving the truck that crashed into our car didn't have a driver's license.

I'm not fat.

You don't want to get wet and catch a cold, so take this umbrella with you.

Won't you please stay a little bit longer?

Let's sing that song again.

You speak tremendously fast.

I don't know how she sleeps at night.

Jim is above any of his classmates in English.

I don't know how you did it.

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Elizabeth deserves an explanation.

Magnus and Daren were both sitting in front of the fireplace.

I'll have to live with it.

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I have to warn Kirsten.

I take dance lessons.

Red Cross is a profitless organization.

It was all just a big misunderstanding.

I don't like wine.

You need to take this medicine three times a day.

If I may speak from my own experience, the more difficult the problem is the more essential that becomes.


The women like tea.


Cristopher wanted to cut down that tree in his front yard, but Kit doesn't want it cut down.