Franchise Business Consultants of NJ & NYC

Franchise Business Consultants of NJ & NYC

At FranNet, we provide no-cost guidance, information and support to individuals who are interested in purchasing a franchised business. We are experts in helping our clients evaluate the various types of franchise opportunities in the marketplace today. Our goal is to not only help entrepreneurs’ dreams of business ownership come true, but to help people make sound business decisions that give them the best chance for future success.

There are a variety of franchises available in New Jersey and New York City. We can help you find the right one for you today. We specialize in helping our clients find the right franchise through our exceptional and exclusive matching process. We work individually with clients and their families, taking the time to know and understand them. It starts with our exclusive personal franchise assessment followed-up by a one-on-one meeting. This matching process leads to specific franchises suggestion that best fit with each person’s unique goals, skill sets and interests, both personally and professionally. We then guide our clients through the franchise research process, bringing in any additional resources our clients might need along the way. We are local and know our markets. Our services are 100% free through our entire process.

Call, email or message us today to begin the process of starting your own franchise in New Jersey or New York City a reality.

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    Jack Armstrong

    PresidentNew Jersey

  • Christine Nocciolo

    Franchise SpecialistNew Jersey

  • John Armstrong

    PresidentNew York

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    Charles Mizejewski

    Senior ConsultantNew Jersey

  • Boynton R. Weekes

    Franchise SpecialistNew York & New Jersey

What Our Customers Say

Gerry Loccisano"John did a great job asking the right questions and understanding what my priorities were after I was finished with my corporate job and looking at what the next step would be. After getting to know me he gave me some recommendations that frankly I first thought were off base, but in the end turned out to be a great fit for me. He's very professional but also laid-back and at no point did I feel like he was doing a hard-sell for any particular franchise. I would recommend John to anyone that's in the midst of a career change and is open to exploring different options."

Gerry Loccisano,

Lydia Gray"Christine contacted me late October or early November 2014, in my interest on becoming a franchise owner. From the moment, she spoke with me, I knew she is a person I could work with. She has been nothing but supportive to me to become a franchise owner. In our initial conversation, I told Christine of my interest in becoming a food franchise owner. She advised me of other options in the markets that suit my criteria. From there onwards, she worked with me everyday, via texts, emails or phone calls 10pm at night. I would call Christine for the most minute information which did not reach me in time. She has been nothing but the extreme best. Christine and I are always in contact, even though, she already found a suitable franchise for me that meets my needs. I still call her most of the time, to keep her abreast of my progress with Salon by JC. Thanks Christine, simply the best! "

Lydia Gray,

Cecelia Henderson -Jack”Jack Armstrong is a true coach/diagnostician. I had the pleasure of working with Jack when I was evaluating whether to purchasing a franchise. Jack provided multiple franchise opportunities, all of which were extremely interesting to me. I was impressed with how our conversations led him to identify a number of opportunities that fit my skills and interests. In this process, Jack was patient, insightful, and supportive. I would strongly recommend Jack to anyone who is looking to evaluate a number of different franchise or business opportunities”

Cecelia Henderson,

Gerry Patrizio -Jack“Jack provided all the tools necessary to match talent, skills and lifestyle that helped me decide what I wanted to do in this next stage of my life. He was instrumental in recommending several franchise options that fit my profile for me to explore. Well, I chose to go with a senior care franchise called Assisting Hands and will open in Mercer County NJ. I can't thank Jack enough for guiding me through a difficult and scary process. He truly allowed me to open my mind and broaden my horizons and I couldn't have done it without his guidance. I highly recommend Jack to anyone who is thinking of potentially making a change in their life and wants to explore franchising. Its been a pleasure to work with Jack.”

Gerry Patrizio,

David B. Nast -Jack”I've known Jack since 2007. He helped many of my clients at DBM buy a franchise and change their future. I have referred many people to Jack over the years because I trust him. In 2014, Jack helped me buy my first franchise. Jack's advice, partnership, and help were valuable beyond measure. Each step of the process he was there with good information, and I felt he truly had my back. His approach not only helps pair the individual with the right franchise based on a thorough assessment, but his level of knowledge and experience goes beyond the surface. He has developed close relationships with all the franchises that FranNet carefully chooses to represent. He helped me prepare questions, and advised me on what to look for, how to read the FDD, and more. I can truly say that he made a daunting and scary process easy and fun. I trust Jack implicitly. His knowledge, experience, intentions, and ethics are above reproach. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I count him as a trusted advisor, partner, and friend.”

David B. Nast,

Regina D. Shanklin -Jack”Jack is great at helping people pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. He uses a proven process of matching business opportunities to your financial and work/life goals along with coaching you throughout the selection process and beyond. I enjoyed working with Jack and highly recommend him.”

Regina D. Shanklin, MBA,

Tim Stauning -Jack”I highly recommend Jack as a strategic partner in mentoring and providing valuable insight when considering a franchise opportunity. Jack's knowledge of the top performing franchises combined with his network of quality professional contacts (attorneys, CPAs, etc) provided us with a solid platform to make an intelligent decision.”

Tim Stauning,

Jim Canfield -Jack"There is always a person in each industry who not only works in the industry and succeeds in the industry; they personify the best of the industry. That is the way I see Jack in the Franchise Consulting industry. He is the great multi-tool player; a champion for his own clients, a mentor to others at FranNet, an excellent operator of his own FranNet enterprise and a disciplined owner and shareholder at FranNet corporate."

Jim Canfield,

Barbara Reguero -John"I used John to purchase my Maid Right franchise. He was terrific in helping me focus on businesses suited to my criteria. His experience and knowledge of different franchises was really helpful."

Barbara Reguero,

David F. Grubb -Chris"Hi, I had to do this recommendation for Christine as I have had an amazing journey and highly productive experience from engaging and working with Christine. Christine has taken the time to educate me about the world of franchising and she has guided me diligently throughout the complete process of understanding through to actual franchise purchase. She has a detailed knowledge of the franchise world and her expertise around NYC is highly valuable and insightful. I was very excited and pleased to have been connected to her. She is a great educator and coach. Christine is a true professional and pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering jumping into the franchise world."

David F. Grubb,

Zhijun Mao -Chris"Christine is understanding clients that makes her stand out from the thousands of Franchies Consults on the Internet. She pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and tries to capture the essence of your requests in her database. In other words, she doesn’t just create something that looks visually pleasing, but she also makes sure that it reflects the values of your needs. She is always contacting and supporting me during the Franchies Consulting that helps me get information I want and reach the right person at right time. Thanks for her help. I really appreciate it."

Zhijun Mao,

Joseph S. Pierre -Chris"Christine is extremely patient and very knowledgeable about business consultant. She was responsive, personable and always accessible. Christine took time to make sure that I understood the franchise process and answered my all my questions. Christine has assisted me in identifying which franchise is right for me. Her advice has been great on every step of the process. I was very happy with the result now I own a franchise business. I thank Christine for her professionalism and integrity. It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Christine without reservation. She is truly an experienced business consultant."

Joseph S. Pierre,

Albert Eshoo -John"I worked with John on a career change from financial services to business ownership. Since John and I both had former lives at the same corporation he knew exactly where I was coming from. John takes the time to understand your needs and help to narrow down what sort of model and business would be the optimal fit for your skill-set, philosophy and work ethic. He navigated us through what seemed to be a monolithic challenge and made it manageable and enjoyable. I would recommend John to anyone who is seeking a new challenge"

Albert Eshoo,

Terry Celestin -John"John was a valuable resource in my journey to select a franchise. John was very thorough in explaining his services and more importantly he delivered on the services he offered. John presented me with franchise opportunities that were curtailed to my personality, skills and financial net worth. He was the consummate professional who always exceeded expectations. He never tried to push me into any specific franchise opportunity. He simply provided the resources that were crucial in making an informed decision. I would highly recommend John to anyone who was considering purchasing a franchise opportunity."

Terry CelestinPresident at CPR Cell Phone Repair Astoria,Terry Celstin

Rick Grossman -Jack"When I contacted Jack about 12 years ago, I wanted advice about choosing a Franchise. I went in wary, expecting a sales pitch. He asked questions and wanted to know what I wanted. After a series of meetings and questionaires, he told me what he thought I wanted and didn't want. He was 100% on target. Then he gave me the names and contacts for about 10 Franchises and allowed me to investigate without any pressure. Every name was a good match for me and I did whittle them down to a perfect match. He was not a salesperson as much as a counselor. He looked out for MY needs, not his own."

Rick GrossmanMuseum Store Manager at Museum of History and Industry,Rick Grossman

"Paulette R. Chatman -JackJack provided me with the tools to make a decision on the next phase of my life... the purchase of my franchise Always Best Care Senior Services. After determining my risk tolerance and what it was I would like to do, he provided me with options that fit. I can't say enough about the guidance provided by Jack and the tools he provided to help me in making that decision. If you're looking to start your own franchise business, Jack Armstrong is the person to consult."

Paulette R. ChatmanCertified Senior Advisor,Paulette R. Chapman

"Paul Garnett -JackJack is simply the very best at what he does! I am very fortunate to have met Jack after a 33 year career in management in the corporate world. I met Jack at a seminar and immediately realized this was someone whom I could trust and depend to guide my new direction. Jack took the time to understand my skills, desires and long term goals and made the appropriate recommendations on potential franchise opportunities. His recommendations were right on target. His knowledge is second to none and everyone I contacted during validation of the businesses had only the highest praise for Jack's, integrity, knowledge and genuine care for the individual. Jack was there to answer all my questions and more importantly act as a coach as I took the step to self employment. I would highly recommend Jack to anyone looking to enter the world as an independent businessman."

Paul GarnettOwner, ClearView Windows L.L.C. dba Fish Window Cleaning Services, Inc,Paul Garnett

Mitchell Porter - John"I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting John at a franchise seminar in NYC. His presentation was informative and inspiring. He promoted the concept of buying a franchise so well that I wanted to know more. We had a one on one meeting a few weeks later and began the process of finding the right franchise for me. John is one of the most consistently professional and down to earth people I have ever known. He guided me through each step of the process as a friend would. He was knowledgeable and supportive at one point he even told me to slow down in making my decision as he thought I was moving too fast. I would recommend John to anyone looking for a franchise or that next opportunity. You cannot go wrong with John on your side."

Mitchell PorterCommunity Manager Las Palmas at Holiday Retirement,Mitchell Porter

Mark Stappenbeck - Jack"I had a great experience working with Jack to research and purchase a franchise business. His introductory seminar was very informative. His process for identifying franchise concepts based on my skills and goals was thorough and yielded a strong list of potential matches. His candor and insight throughout my research were very helpful in reaching a decision."

Mark StappenbeckOwner, Assisting Hands of Bergen County,Mark Stappenbeck

John Dalton -Chris"Working with Christine on finding the right business opportunity was a pleasure because Christine is very personable, well organized and has great follow up skills. She also made herself accessible for Q&A and advice. I would recommend working with Christine to help find the best fit for your next career change."

John DaltonMaster Franchise Developer/Owner at Speedpro Imaging, New York,John Dalton

Jill Leonard -Chris"I had the pleasure of working with Christine to identify a new career journey and in a different industry! Christine is a very good listener and provided guidance and direction in an unbiasised way - she was there to help me in making a decision. She asked questions and provided the resources and tools I needed in a prompt and timely manner. Deciding to own your own business and walk through selecting a franchise can be a daunting experience and I am very fortunate to have worked with Christine! She understood not only the financial decisions I needed to make but also the emotions which are involved. Often times, she helped prepare me for situations I had not yet experienced. Thank you Christine for all you do!!!"

Jill LeonardExperienced leader and executive,Jill Leonard

David Fischer -John"I was first introduced to John as a participant in a seminar he delivered on business ownership. I was quickly impressed by his market expertise as well as his presentation skills. As a client, John demonstrated diligence, integrity and expertise. Additionally he helped me through the transition of going from "corporate life" to business ownership, which for me was pretty scary at first. Whether you are just starting the process or have been seriously considering the possibility of business ownership, you would greatly benefit from working with John."

David FischerSales and Business Development Training | Elevating Teams and Companies to Higher Performance | Sandler Training,David Fischer