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L.S.A.T. Auto-Analysis Program

This technology is intended to be used by trained statement analysts who have previously attended LSAT training. For a listing of scheduled L.S.A.T. training offerings, please click on the LSAT button at the top of this page and reference the registration calendar.

Current Subscribers Login to program at top of page.

To purchase use of this program (previous Basic LSAT training required), click on the "Purchase" button at the top of this page.

To read about the LSAT Auto-Analysis program and its capabilities, click on the "General Info" button or if you wish to examine the user instructions to understand how to use the application, click on the "User Instructions" button at the top of this page.

For other inquiries or to have your questions about LSAT Auto-Analysis answered, click on the "Contact Us" button and send us an email with your inquiry.