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    Join us and gain a valuable certification that will enable you to work with some of the world's finest organisations

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    Learn how you can partner with us to help change the African narrative by helping to create skilled knowledge workers

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    Learn how you can participate in a program that's fun and will help enhance your career.

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The Africa Agile Institute runs an immersive 12 week program that covers every aspect of Agile and provides talented students with a pathway to employment as certified Agile practioners

Helping organisations validate more organizational good ideas while meeting corporate social responsibility goals



Learn how the Africa Agile Institute is building the people who build the World, through a 3 month intensive Agile program proven to give you all the skills you'll need to gain meaningful work.

The Africa Agile Institute

The AAI Certification is the worlds most comprehensive certification programme spread across 12 weeks

Where other equivalent programmes are spread across 2 days and certify knowledge, we are the only programme that can truly certify competency in modern delivery methods

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Join us to learn new valuable ways of working

The Africa Agile Institute enables you to learn valuable skills that move away from old ways of working and towards self organization.

Access to the world's great Agile minds

Thanks to our unique technology you no longer have to travel outside of the continent to learn from the world's finsest tutors.

Apply for a full scholarship and get paid

Our pillar partners and donors enable us to offer our students medical insurance, nutrition and housing along with a living wage.

Gainful employment matters

If you gain certification we guarantee you a job for a minimum of 9 months with one of our partners based in Africa.