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You want first-class services for your clients. We have reliable, award-winning college savings plans proven to be among the best.

529 Plans Earn Elite Morningstar Ratings

Every year, investment research company Morningstar recognizes high-quality savings plans that shine brighter than the others. In 2017, Morningstar identified 34 plans that it believes to be best-in-class options, awarding Analyst Rating levels of Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Our 529 plans were showcased for their first-class service, well-researched approaches, and overall dedication to those who use them.

MorningStar Gold 2017


Morningstar Awards Bright Start Elite Gold Rating.

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MorningStar Silver 2015, 2016, 2017

Bright Directions

Bright Directions receives the highest rating awarded to advisor-sold plans.

MorningStar Silver 2017


CollegeCounts earns a Silver rating.

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MorningStar Bronze 2017

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CollegeCounts Advisor earns elite Bronze rating.

Multi-Managed 529 Plans that make the grade

Your clients want to send their loved ones to college. You want investment flexibility, an attractive cost structure, and a proven track record. We’ve got you both covered. We offer high-quality plans services by long-term program manager Union Bank & Trust since 2001.

Our variety of 529 options are offered through well-known mutual fund families including Vanguard, PIMCO, T. Rowe Price, DFA, American Century, and more available to help your clients succeed.

Choose from Age-Based, Target, and Individual Fund portfolios offered through the Bright Start, Bright Directions, and the CollegeCounts 529 Fund.

T Rowe Price
Dodge & Cox

Some of the Best Fund Options in the Business

Bright Start College Savings Program

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Bright Directions College Savings Program

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CollegeCounts Savings Program

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CollegeCounts Advisor

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