I can't abide that noise.

I need it right away.

We are vehemently opposed to political correctness.

As soon as they realized the mayor was on his way down, his critics started coming out of the woodwork.

Could you tell me all the details?


I get nervous at immigration.


Leaf after leaf fell to the ground.

I am proud of being relative with Hungarians.

This is the first time I've ever applied this ointment on my wound.


I would like some further details.


I know how much this means to you.

Herman is starting to relax.

Nora lives alone with his parents.

How much do those things cost?

He fell in love with his best friend.

In any case, it's none of your business.

Pedro still hasn't abandoned hope.

We stayed at an economy hotel.

How it blows!

I feel that I would be too far from the reality of this person

Wake Noemi now.


The water tank teems with mosquito larvae.

You may not remember me, but we met last summer.

They were here yesterday.


Didn't you write him a letter?

I have an eclectic taste in music.

Lowell won't be going back to Boston with us.


Dad came home a few minutes ago.


Tony doesn't want to miss his flight.


Anatole was strangled.

Why did you buy so much?

Is it true that Jon used to live in Boston?

One hour of sleep before midnight is better than two afterwards.

June is a scumbag.


She's only interested in selling books.

Is it possible to succeed without any act of betrayal?

He's one of the sweetest guys I've ever met.

It's kind of cool.

Sanford's house was destroyed by a tornado.


Shean played football.


Jarl gave Kinch a cold look.

Lana has been acting odd lately.

Would you please shut up?

Did you know she is good at making coffee?

Is everything OK at home?


Let's not worry about what others are doing.

Chet used to be weird.

James has a son not much older than Maria.

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Please listen and type in Spanish.

But I want you to understand what I'm saying.

What an awful lot of books you have!

Joe was promoted to manager.

You have my permission.

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Doctors did everything they could to cure him.

I like to think I know what I'm talking about.

The secret of success is not to think of failure.

Rudy wants a new hat.

If you were to compare me to an animal, to which animal would you compare me to?

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If you want to criticise other people, first you must improve your own methods.

I prefer a tent with storm flaps and with intersecting tent poles for a wind stability and the weight of snow cover, and that must be a two-layer tent.

I completely agree with you, my dear colleague.

Since early childhood, he dreamed of writing stories.

He must be a quack doctor.


Phill isn't a very nice man.


We've got them.

Where can I rent a Halloween costume?

I can resist anything but temptation.

To me, there are but three treasures, compassion, frugality, and not daring to take the lead in the empire.

You and he are both very kind.

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Anatole is charming and irresistible.

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I am playing in the park.

I need help carrying her.

Why shouldn't they let you pay for it?

I've got a message for her.

She fell in love with her friend's brother.

She doesn't work for us anymore.

Claude doesn't think it's worth it.

Thierry is a great presenter.

Aaron worked as a gas station attendant.


Why are you telling us this now?


I don't care what she eats.

I just haven't been able to reach Ross.

In order to qualify for the homestay you must have an interview with the sponsors.

I have a meeting in fifteen minutes.

I wish I could go to Boston with you.

Did she say anything else about me?

Robbin could tell something was bothering Ellen.


Is this a dog?

The crocodile, which produces only male young in hotter weather, might die out too because there will be no females to breed.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

No sooner had the girl caught sight of the monster than she ran away.

Even though he had a cold, he went to work.

We were teachers together in Boston.

We were shocked when the landlord raised our rent by $200.00 a month.

He asked for my pardon.

Many inmates on death row say they don't want to die.

I answered.

I want you to do something about it right away.

His answer is different from mine.

You're shaken.

I'm going to go get some help.

I'm glad you see it that way.

He may be a genius.

While living near the beach, I often enjoyed swimming.


You just don't get it, do you?

But who will guard the guards themselves?

Happy people are those who remember only the good things from the past, while unhappy people are those who remember only the opposite.

Monica died of typhus.

I enjoyed the music to my heart's content.

Alan is a poet.

I didn't realize you didn't know how to swim.

Can I be excused from class?

These tips may save your life.

Valerie went over to Taurus's house to help.

It looks like you need help.

Anthony tried to move.

It doesn't really matter much anymore.


If you want to lose weight, you should cut down on between-meal snacks.

I thought you'd like to see this.

You have to stay.

Leora was sad.

He does not say.


You're twisting my words.

Today is not my day.

Did I say that?

Dan flossed his teeth.

There's a party going on in the next room.

World War II came to an end in the 20th year of the Showa era.

They are waiting for you next to the long white house.

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I remember Jacques talking about that.

I don't want something like this to happen.

How do I explain that to Maria?

Don't press the wrong button.

Did you know that was there?


We both are friends.


The coffee has got to be as hot as a girl's kiss on the first date, as sweet as those nights in her arms, and as dark as the curse of her mother when she finds out.

He is pussyfooting around on our marriage.

Let's talk shop for a while.

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Muhammad Ali was an American boxer.

I pledged my loyalty to him.

I don't want to sing, because I'm tone-deaf.

I have much studied both cats and philosophers. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.

That university was my first choice.


Rumors were current about him.

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If I go to China, it'd be to speak Chinese as much as possible.

Nature is under attack on all fronts.

I think they'll all be fine.

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That's barbaric!

Should I quit my job?

It's all laid on.


I wonder if you might be able to help me.

I love coming back here.

Ring the bell.

You've been lucky so far.

He keeps making the same mistake.


Put the words in alphabetical order.


My parents don't like my girlfriend.

All you have to do is to meet her there.

Who are you to address me so familiarly?


Why would I help her?


Why is she with this idiot?