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Jenny had enlisted the help of her sister and two friends to help her move on Sunday morning. She was very excited to be moving to Glebe and laughed that she could now say she lived in the Inner West. Her friends were working quickly to shift all of her belongings being careful not to drop anything. She amazed herself how much stuff she had to move and how quickly the van was filling with boxes and furniture.

Moving into a new apartment is a stressful time for anyone, but her stress levels increased exponentially once she heard a shattering noise in the bathroom. Kyle and Luke were moving a heavy chest of drawers into the bathroom when they slipped and the drawers hit the side of the toilet.

The toilet bowl had cracked and fallen to the floor. Water was all over the bathroom floor along with sharp ceramic shards from the toilet. Jenny grabbed her mobile and searched for “Plumber Glebe”. She called the plumber and told him what had happened. He was able to advise her how to shut off water to the toilet until he was able to arrive.

Jenny was so pleased she was able to get a plumber to attend to her broken toilet on a Sunday and that she didn’t have to take off time from work.

The plumber advised Jenny of the most cost effective toilet and organised to install it that afternoon.

If you need the emergency services of a reliable plumber in Glebe call 0422 002 871.