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Looking to lead

Sometimes I get jealous. Not really like the bitter coveting of what someone else has, but more like the desire to experience the same fullness. I wrote about it here. But I was recently trying to hash out the reason why, to gain some insight into how I should choose my next project. So I ...

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If you could only pick one

If you could only choose one thing to focus on this year to be, do or have, what would it be? Because it’s entirely possible that you can only choose one thing to accomplish if it’s important. Our time is scattered and sometimes in a given month or year we try to accomplish five things 6178868978

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There are many rules that we have to follow, like taxes and not stealing. But I think we sometimes get disillusioned into the habit of following rules just because they are rules. Someone gets to make them up, and for more rules than we care to admit, we get to make them up. Here are 309-424-2648

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What to do when the internet floods you with advice

Why are you asking me? There’s enough advice about this on Google. Jk. I’m a sucker for wanting to constantly search for advice to improve my life. I pore over health research studies, blog posts on career and creativity and just about any area of my life that I happen to be dealing with at ...

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We’re really good about theoretically justifying why “just one time” won’t hurt us, and really bad about seeing each decision the context of a lifetime. You’re absolutely right that just one ice cream binge won’t give you a heart attack, but several decades of regular binges and intermittent stress might. And when we’re evaluating a ...

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Whether or not we like to admit it, at times we all get envious of people who have what we don’t. Granted, its moral merits are lacking, but what can we learn from examining it? I believe that by digging deeper into why we envy others in certain areas, we can learn something about ourselves, 7858439043

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Why I prefer habits over goals

First of all, goals do work for some people, and I think it’s a dismissive method to simply extinguish goals altogether. However, I’m starting to think that habits are way better. Goals postpone accomplishment and reinforcement until a much later date in the future, whereas habits provide daily accomplishment and momentum. Goals don’t always allow 5198939546

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For anything that we do on a regular basis, it’s helpful to step back and ask not only the practical “Why am I doing this?” but “How is this changing me?” We are constantly exposing ourselves to and engaging with influences that have a real impact on our well-being, yet often we take for granted ...

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For granted

When we take stuff “for granted”, it just means that we’re acting like we’re owed something. But if we appreciate things we’re granted, we’re maximizing our enjoyment and making everyone better in the process. After all, if we are encountering something good, it has been granted to us to enjoy, no? It’s the expecting, taking ...

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Advice: Biography is not prescription

Biography is not prescription, and even advice should not be construed as prescription. It’s easy to listen to stories from successful artists, entrepreneurs and those at the top of their field, and take their biography as prescription for what we should do to succeed. They have a certain morning routine? We should copy it to ...

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