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"Why did Steven do that?" "Do what?"

Naim knows better than to go out alone after dark.

We went together to Laramie, but then we split up.

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Do you have any objections?

She isn't kind to him.

Your will be done on Earth as in Heaven.

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Father will come back from Germany before long.

That's nice.

It was a sad story.


I thought you'd got lost.

The river overflowed.

The old man leaned on his staff.


Everyone has to learn the words by heart.

She will be back in less than ten minutes.

The naive man was utterly embarrassed in her presence.

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The cause of the fire is yet unknown.


I just heard about it thirty minutes ago.


Mother taught me how to make miso soup.


I didn't help her escape.

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He is one of the most famous singers in Japan.


You deserve a present.


He should be around 40.

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My dad cheated on my mom.

Linley was obviously very drunk.

A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit children with disabilities.


Drill little holes into my eyelids that I might see you when I sleep


How would wheat grow, if you've sown sorghum?

The boy took the radio apart.

We shook hands.

I've become disenchanted with politics.

We were the most disgraced of people, and Allah granted us honor with Islam. No matter how much we seek honor in other than that which Allah honored us with, Allah shall disgrace us


Space is at the office.


Father is still in bed.

You didn't hear this from me.

I don't have to get up until 1 o'clock tomorrow.

John ran into the room.

When I think of you, only one thing comes to mind: arrogance.

Merat is busy again.

The aircraft has landed at the airport.

The rectangle and the rhombus are parallelograms.

Is this your first visit to Japan?

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We played poker the entire day.

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She can speak Chinese, but she can't speak Mandarin.

The Sikh Empire was established in 1799 by Ranjit Singh.

He owed large amounts of money.

Hiroyuki is a rapper.

Remember to post the letter.


This will require a huge investment of time and money.

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He dressed up as a woman.

No one can wear a mask for very long.

I have appendicitis.

Dori destroyed the children's sand castle.

After many years trying to get the man of her dreams, Barbara decided to give up all hope and to accept marrying Lucian.


It was amazingly easy.

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From my position, I cannot see the tower.

He is a man of faith.

Everyone laughed at him.


Kristi didn't go to the bank.

They think you killed Kevin and took his money.

Alain sat on the arm of the couch.


Ima isn't always as busy as he says he is.

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I'm really good.

They seem to be having a disagreement.

Put it in the file.


The lid screws onto the jar.

It's hot, so I want to eat something cold.

Taxes on French perfumes have been increased in the United States.

You must be getting tired of listening to everyone's personal problems.

Jon decided not to tell Leora about what John had done.

This elevator is capable of carrying ten persons.

I don't think I'm unapproachable.


Please give us our money back.

I'll be home in a little while.

I have a lot of friends to support me mentally.

People over 18 are allowed to drive cars.

Ima started walking down the stairs.

Raj wouldn't back down.

I bet this is the first time this has happened to you.


Sing it again, Jin.

Where did you go for vacation?

What's your connection to him?


The secret of life is hanging around until you get used to it.

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I know you hate it.

Soohong looked terrified.

I'm a vegetarian.

I often feel depressed.

Tell her that I am learning driving.

Never again will I make that mistake.

They had a boy.

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You may have to help us.


There are theatres, museums, libraries and parks in that city.

As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.

The sun is yellow.

They worked through the night.

I can't believe I locked myself out again.

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The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Tor didn't want Neil to be in trouble.

It was very kind of you to give me a nice gift.

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Andreas is wearing a very expensive watch.

I need to sleep now.

Don't skip this step.


Heinz took a short cut.

You broke your arm.

What am I going to say to them?

Able was I ere I saw him.

Keith doesn't know whether he can do it, but he'll give it a try.

When the landlord's away, the tenants will play.

This apple is bad.

Margit was born in Bordeaux in 1908.

Ken decided on going abroad.

She treated his broken leg.

I can't find time to read the book.

This box is made of tin.

Cleanliness is a virtue.


I've got some business with Mikael.

Alberto would be tough to replace.

I'll chance it.


I heard about it at first hand from my neighbor.

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We're having a party this evening.


Bad weather oppressed me.

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He needs to be aware of the dangers.

With this module you can make the Enter key generate an event.

He told me that, without me, this life had nothing of interest for him.

I'm speaking of a lion.

I knew you'd come back sooner or later.

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They loved to spend all day playing together.


Do you know who that is?

He grew up to be an engineer.

I've got something you want.


I plan to try reading some other books.


Catherine thought you were unhappy.


After his death, his paintings were hung in the museum.

Who's going to pay the mechanic?

Are you telling me you've seen Barry today?

Come back and pick me up later.

I appreciate the updates.


I will come back next week.

The red traffic light indicates "stop".

I believe in the power of dreams.

Fortune comes in by a merry gate.

We've run out of food.


You could've talked to me.

No one is downstairs.

Either you or I must attend the meeting.

Kamel lives in an apartment complex.

Everybody likes me, except Michel.


Jim has been laid up with flu for three days.

I think you need to leave now.

I thought Page would do well.


I bought the sandwich at the gas station.